Friday, September 23, 2016

Farmers Market Finds {exploring Phoenix Public Market's Open Air Market}

This farmers market has sort of been a tradition for us, waking up on Saturdays and getting fresh produce since I was pregnant! Now years later as our weekend routines shifted we noticed we weren't going as frequently so I've challenged myself to go more often, buy as much fresh local produce as I can before going grocery shopping at a store and this particular weekend I took some photos to document the morning with the girls.
Aunt Brittany back in town means braids for days on these wild ringlets.  
Turns out they love helping pick produce and I feel good about teaching them how to know if their food is ripe, fresh or worth skipping.
They LOVE corn.
And these onions were beautiful.
Sonja loves beets so I figured I should splurge and get one as big as her head, or at least bigger than my hand!
Got an Acai bowl which was totally worth the wait,
And our favorite food truck (and neighbors) PAZ cantina was there, the kids say they have the BEST quesadillas and I love everything I have ever ordered,but mostly their salsa is my favorite.
Lunch and groceries all in one stop.  More information on the open air markets available here.  This isn't a sponsored post, I just love sharing my favorite things in Phoenix.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Let's Go! {Manzanita Campground, Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona}

As Part of my Let's Go series, I share a new place in Arizona (usually), that is somewhere accessible for us on weekend getaways.  I want to inspire adventure.  I want to find ourselves by getting lost in nature.  I want to get my kids off the screen and in the wild.  What are we waiting for?  Let's Go!

To Start, here's a quick review of the campsite {1 being worst, 10 being best}:
Location {and Distance}: 2
Located less than 2 hours away from Phoenix this Sedona Campsite it easily accessible and no 4 wheel drive vehicle is necessary you take main roads the entire time!
Road: 10
The campsite if off a main road so it's not difficult to get to at all.
Secluded: 1
Because it's very accessible it's not really secluded, because of popularity there is no day use in this area, you must have a permit to camp which is great because your space by the creek isn't over populated with random people and no extra cars are nearby.
View: 8
Literally located right on the creek this campsite is one of the most accessible with one of the best views.  With your back to the road you're staring at a beautiful creek surrounded by trees and red rocks.
Bathrooms: 5
Vault toilets, recently cleaned and well managed, toilet paper well stocked and locking door.
Campsite Fixtures: 7
All sites at Rock Crossing had a cement picnic table, grill and fire pit. Parking spaces were assigned and campsites were small-ish
Trash, Water and Food: 9
Trash, water and food should always be stored in the trunk where bears and other wild animals can not see it or access it.  There was a dumpster on site for disposal of trash.  Water facilities near bathroom.  and blackberries growing along the creek!
Animals: 4
There were caterpillars and chrysalises everywhere so cool, especially for my science nerd kids, they LOVED it.  We also saw some lizards and spiders.
Pets: Yes
Pets were allowed on a leash at this site.
Group Accommodation: 10
Groups of 8 were allowed in single sites but only one car per site.
Water {lakes, ponds, and oceans}: 10
There was a creek not 10 feet from our tent! Love the sound of the calming water.
Well Drained: 10
Our campsite was flat but elevated in general and there were gutter and drains to wash the water off the site and nearby road.
Firewood: 1
There was no nearby wood for collecting.
Management: National Forest Services
Campsites were well managed and very clean.
Reservations: 10
Make reservations at
Cost and Permits: $20 a night for single which makes this site one of the most expensive we've camped at.
These Red Rocks are so beautiful, I forget how majestic they are until I see them, every. time.
I made Husband pull over to get a photo.
Those blackberries I mentioned above but not yet ripe. 
Do you see the lizard?
The caterpillars are in the chrysalises on the branch on the right.
Sonja showing me the caterpillar tree.
Oak Creek.
Relaxing at the site. 
Morning Coffee.
The campsite.
making messes.
There's a spider somewhere in that bush.
wondering. {shirt c/o my brand hawks and honey apparel}
Thanks for the fun Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon, until next time!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Making Henna (updates and thoughts)

definitly needed to add more water but this was after it was in the heat and the texture when we did our dye release test- we checked it on the skin for five minutes to see if it was a bright orange color.  That's how you know the henna has reacted with the essential oils and is ready for skin.

a little messy with some ghost stains but I wanted to try a geometric design and this was the blankest part of my skin at the moment. 
Here's the paste dried and on my foot for a couple of hours, finally a good stick (the longer it sticks to the skin the darker the stain)! I'd been trying to get it right for dry environments and I think this is my new recipe for Arizona! Still trying to understand how much to adjust for humility when traveling though.

In other henna news, I've been experimenting with mehndika joey henna's blends and loving these color combos.  The redest one is traditional henna, the dark brown burgundy is a blend of 50/50 recipes she uses for her henna+jagua cones and traditional, and the blackest stains are from her henna+jagua recipe.  I like the effect you can do with all three but I have to admit it was difficult to use up all three cones (one of each blend) so, I probably won't be doing much of these tricolor combos unless it's for a larger group event or I have a big design, otherwise I think I'll end up being too wasteful.  But it's great to know I've got options! 

Most Recently, a friend asked in I could do some henna for her friend's bridal party.  Of course, I said YES!
This piece was already stencilded in pen, by the bridesmaid but I used a henna+Jagua blend that covered it and lasts about 2 weeks, and added flowers, you can find more images of the work from this night on @lalunahenna on instagram.
 This piece was a practical copy from an image the client brought me, I added the draping and loved the added depth it gave the piece. (sorry do not know the original artist for top half)
adding those roses.
I also started experimenting with negative space, these outlines hardened and then I filled the paisley in with paste as you can see started on the left.
* above and below images by Scout and Briar

I'm really enjoying these henna works and how it's expanded my creative community.  I can't believe I've waited so long to start drawing with it, and I'm so thankful to my friend Diane for handing me an extra henna cone on my thirtieth birthday!