Wednesday, June 27, 2018

A Day in Tucson with my Bestie

I am so lucky to have the friends and family around me that I do.  Like, incredibly and inexplicably grateful for their love and support.  But some of my closest friends and family are miles away.  One in particular lives 864 miles away and I rarely see her.  But we make an effort to catch up when one is in town or nearby, in this specific instance, she was about 100 miles away so I obviously hopped in the car and headed down to Tucson.

While we were there we stopped in at the University of Arizona School of Art where we met, she's my creative counterpart and thanks to group assignments that we both actively participated in, TYVM, we became very good friends.  Family dinner nights and afternoons just running errands together.  Even after I moved back to Phoenix after graduation I would come down once a month to work as an art coordinator at BICAS and stay with her.

Anyway, all the classrooms were locked but we wandered the halls of our former youth and documented the experience.  As we walked around we realized that it's actually been ten years since I graduated from U of A!  but walking around it felt as comfortable as it did yesterday.  Time is weird.

a new shade structure in front of the School of Architecture.  We napped under. 
we stopped in for drinks to meet a previous professor at Sky Bar, a classic 4th ave bar.  I ordered the Queen’s Own; made with gin, lemon, lavender-earl grey simple syrup, with a raw sugar and rose petal rim. and while I don't love drinks in martini glasses (I'm an on the rocks kind of girl) I would suggest this one, if you find yourself there. 
after drinks we dined at Cafe Poca Cosa, where I had actually never been.  They change the menu twice daily with the servers presenting the entree options table side off a large hand held chalkboard. i was so overwhelmed with my options i simply requested the vegetarian tamale. 
keep in mind if you go there nothing will be the same and each time you'll have the opportunity to try something new, & they do not accept any special requests or modifications. 
the next morning we decided to get coffee at Exo Roasters, another new place that didn't exist when we were there.  
lemon Polenta Cake with a bite missing.  
cappuccino in hand.
 i took a sip of my iced vanilla latte with almond milk before documenting, sorry. 
 i had to order these breakfast tacos.  Nopal + eggs + fermented onions.  
we walked around a bit after, before I headed back to Phoenix, next time I'm down there I will definitely be getting some colorful candles and tarot cards from this Celestial Rites boutique on 4th Ave, if you know of any other local shops with crystals and herbs will you please share them with me in the comments below or email me here.  I would like to support local businesses when crafting.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

10 Years of Marriage all summed up.

June 21st, Summer Solstice.  Our Anniversary.  I know many people usually say something cliche, on dates like today, something like, "I don't know where the past 10 years went."  but I do.  I know exactly where they went...

They went to renting our first home together adopting a second dog together.
They went to moving back to Phoenix, and starting a new job.
They went to buying our first home.
And finding out we were pregnant.
They went to home birthing our first daughter.
They went to staying home with our baby while the other worked.
They went to a week in Kauai. 
They went to finding out we were pregnant again.
And then having another home birth.
They went to going back to work.
They went towards fighting over house work and childcare.
They went towards a trip to Europe with two small children. 
They went towards more work and more weekend getaways.
They went to over investing in cars.
They went towards more role shifts and housework and childcare.
They went to our daughter starting kindergarten.
They went to trips to Ireland.
They went towards family boundaries. 
They went to more Camping and trips to Hawaii, again.
And Switzerland.
And Barcelona.
They went to our younger daughter starting preschool.
They went towards introspection and doubt and fear.
They went towards a new start with school and work.
They went towards growth and projects and shifts in beliefs.
They went towards rebuilding and recommitting.

So, yeah, if you reflect on all those moments and add them up, it's easy to see where they went.  It's just when I think about all those things they seem like such a small blip on the timeline of life.  They're part of our story, but they're not our story.  With each sentence there was planning and coordinating, and sometimes fighting.  And sometimes those were big fights.  And sometimes forgiveness, and compassion and support.  And sometimes taking care of each other when we were sick or things when they were broken.  I think the thing that has got us though this long is that we really are each other's other halves (or twin flames was a new term I learned).  We amplify each other, we are a mirror to our other half, and as frustrated as we get or hurt in rough times, to leave would be to leave ourselves.  Our bullshit is still our bullshit together or apart.  Our kids are our connection forever, no matter what we have to work together and resolve our issues, so we might as well do it together while enjoying each other.  I don't know for sure we would have figured those details out without kids, and I definitely don't suggest having children if there is conflict, but in a unique way it's forced us to recognize our connection and motivated us to work some stuff we might not have had to otherwise.  I'm so grateful for my family and our connection.  I'm excited to celebrate with a fancy hotel and a bottle of champagne, a date night without kids, an extravagant meal and a fancy tub to relax in.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Cereal Cookie Recipe aka Breakfast Cookies

I mean if you add cereal does it make it a breakfast cookie?

I did actually cut a lot of sugar out of the original inspiration recipe so maybe that counts for something, either way, this is my favorite go to snack cookie recipe.

1 cup flour
1 tsp pumpkin spice
1 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp ground flax
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 cup butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 large eggs
1 cup cereal (we used honey bunches of oats)
2 cups rolled oats
1 cup chocolate chips (or half chocolate chips half cranberries)

bake 350
14 minutes or longer for crispier cookies.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Propagating Monstara Plants + Growing my Indoor Garden

I just found out you can propagate Monstara plants! I didn't realize for some reason, and as my plant was growing out of control, outgrowing it's space, I realized I needed to thin some leaves.  Since I'm still learning about plants, I took to google, and found out you in fact can simply slice below the node on the stem and place it in water.  Over time roots will form and you can transplant, in fact since this photo above one of my stems has sprouted a new leaf in her tiny glass bottle.   They have been in their water filled jars for about a month now and I will probably leave them in there a couple more weeks just to establish strong roots before replanting in a small container.

I'm so excited that I can start to grow my own plants around my home instead of having to buy new ones for each room.  In my perfect world I own a small boutique selling plants, crystals, all things herbal and healing and do henna out of that space.  So maybe now that I know how to do this, that is one step in my perfect world.