Friday, October 5, 2018

Garden Fall Update 2018

We had so much rain here the past week + my garden is exploding! We have super invasive grass and I'm a mostly guerrilla gardener (meaning I let the plants do the work and I don't coddle my plants) that being said I still do a bit of maintenance.  So, I got out the scissors and trimmed the grass around my plants until my husband busts out the lawn mower and cuts down the grass around the garden nooks.
 the clouds made it actually enjoyable to be outside in the misty weather.
and while I was out there I harvested some sage and basil.
checked on the corn we planted from the phoenix public library x native seed search collaboration.
and I trimmed the lemon tree for some eco harvesting - meaning that it started to grow too many lemons so by cutting off some branches I removed the excess lemons and freed up some weight on the tree.
not sure which squash this will be since my daughter planted the seeds in their locations, but I'm excited to see what we get!
 all the rain revived my aloe vera plants too!
 another plant sonja planted, so we'll see what she matures into.
 rogue tomato plant from left over scattered seeds from our last baby tomato plant.
need to get a few more hens, these ladies are sweet but slowing down their eggs and I don't like to buy them at the store.  anyone have suggestions where to get ready to lay hens?  I'm scared to commit to baby chics.
I did find this melon growing in the vines in the middle of our yard, hoping I picked it at the right time, planning on cutting into it this weekend to see!

And that's our garden update these days. I'll let you know when we get some real edibles bursting out!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Henna Night Out at Fox and Girl Salon

Trying to manifest more Girl's Nights Out or In, with women who care about self care and know taking a few minutes out of their week to focus on themselves actually pays itself forward in their family life.  When our cups are full we can pour more into others.  Feeling beautiful shows up so many ways for everyone and each person is different.  For some women feeling beautiful is putting on a new dress, or washing off all their makeup, for others it could be a mani pedi for the week, but for the women I adorn, it's henna.  It's looking down each to see her hands painted with love and gratitude and remembering she is powerful and bold and honored by women around her. 
 // thanks fox and girl salon for hosting.

Want to sip cocktails and share stories with us? Follow along here for our next Girls Night Out or if you'd like to schedule a girls night in, email me!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Melissa Maternity

I'm trying to get better about sharing my professional work here, my photography work.  I keep going back and forth on what to post here, how to break up my brands but I guess sharing a bit of everything is what keeps this space interesting.  So here's a glimpse at one of my favorite maternity sessions here in Phoenix, with one of the most beautiful mamas I know.  Melissa.
 //proudly wearing her endometriosis bracelet, because it was such a part of her journey to motherhood.
 //love me some creosote.
 //and sun flares.
papa to be couldn't be here, as he was deployed for the end of her pregnancy, so we incorporated as many touches of him as we could. 
 getting creative.

but also check out for my full services of photography and art.  until next time.