Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Marshmallow Whipped Cream (Vegan)

Guys this recipe was so easy I feel guilty about blogging it.

2/3 can chilled from fridge of organic coconut cream.  (weird ratio because I used 1/3 in another recipe)


add s l o w l y ;
1 tablespoon marshmallow root powder from Mountain Rose Herbs
1 tablespoon organic sugar
dash of vanilla.

that's it.  really.  I could eat it by the spoonful.

Thursday, February 7, 2019


Ginger is my newest love language.

Confession though, I actually don't enjoy it with sushi and rarely eat it raw, but lately I've been drawn to her energy and craving all the heat and spice in teas, recipes and even dried in gel caps.

I've always know it's good for occasional nausea, especially when sitting in a car for too long and in the mornings during my pregnancy. I have long used dōTERRA's Ginger essential oil, especially during seasonal immunity impacts. dōTERRA's Ginger can help reduce occasional nausea by either being applied topically or inhaled.* I diffuse or place a drop of ginger in the palm of my hand and inhale to create a soothing aroma, or add it to my diffuser.

While I always opt for fresh ginger when available, I like having the convince of ginger in a bottle for travels or at my desk at work. hence the ōil. And recently, I also found these ginger supplements at a nearby natural grocery store, to help when I have migraines, as I heard recently on a flowerlounge podcast it can be beneficial.  I take 4 grams which is a lot, I always take it with 16 ounces of water as it can be very hot on your stomach internally, but a recent study showed ginger powder comparable to ibuprofen in terms of pain management.  Ginger comes in many supplement forms and each ones is unique to the users needs. Dosing and supplementing matter when using ginger for various purposes. And just to be clear the essential oil and fresh ginger do not have the same research as each other and should be noted as such when deciding which one you want or need at a given time for a given purpose.
Ginger is a main ingredient in many Asian dishes for its hot, fragrant flavor. It may be more familiar to you as it's used more commonly in sweets such as gingerbread and ginger snaps. When used as a kitchen spice, dōTERRA's Ginger adds flavor to a variety of dishes and can also help support healthy digestion.* Apply ginger over your lower abdomen for a soothing massage to help reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion.* It's a great alternative to fresh ginger in many ingredients when ginger root is not available or you don't have time to run to the store. More variety of ginger in your home gives you many methods of delivery.

Chemistry of Ginger Essential Oil
Main Chemical Components: a-zingiberene, sesquiphellandrene

Ginger essential oil is made up of a chemical group called sesquiterpenes, which are commonly found in soothing essential oils like Ylang Ylang and Myrrh oil. Ginger oil includes sesquiterpenes called zingiberene and sesquiphellandrene, which contribute to digestive health when used internally* and promote the grounding and balance of emotions when used aromatically.*

Alpha zingiberene, the sesquiterpene that is the primary chemical constituent of ginger essential oil, is what gives ginger its distinct taste. The chemical makeup of Ginger oil contributes to its soothing properties for the body, including its ability to support healthy digestion and to reduce occasional nausea when taken internally,* or to create a soothing massage.

Oils that blend well with Ginger Essential oil
The spicy, earthy tones of Ginger essential oil blend well with other warm oils like Cinnamon and Cassia. You can also blend Ginger oil with sweet citrus scents like Wild Orange or Ylang Ylang. 

Cautions for the Essential Oil
Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.
Some of my favorite recipes with dōTERRA's Ginger essential oil;
Ginger Pancakes
Carrot and Ginger Rice
West African Peanut Soup

So, weather you're interested in exploring fresh ginger in cooking, recipes and teas or want to see how ginger essential oil can improve your human experience I hope this helps inspire a closer look at the plants and food around you and how you can incorporate them into your daily life.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All these products can be found at my enroller ID is 1767826 for those looking to purchase oils at wholesale rates, using my ID grants you access to my top secret Facebook group and a network of over several thousand like minded customers and resources that's growing everyday. So don't forget to enter it when ordering.

Friday, January 18, 2019


Recently, I've been working on a series of drawings and descriptions to my most loved and used plants in my life.  This week I wanted to share Patchouli and it's uses with you all!  I'm going through some pretty big transformations emotionally and my face and neck seem to think it's a good time to break out in blemishes. I think it's a cleansing and emotional reaction but thankfully I have dōTERRAPatchouli.

I've heard you can apply one to two drops of dōTERRA Patchouli to a favorite moisturizer to help promote a smooth, glowing complexion.   I actually love to put it directly on my skin or bathe in patchouli oil, I usually mix 5 drops patchouli and 5 drops ylang ylang for hormonal and emotional support. dōTERRA Patchouli has a rich, musky-sweet aroma and is regularly used in the perfume industry as well as in scented products such as laundry detergents and air fresheners. Besides its amazing fragrance, dōTERRAPatchouli has a wonderful grounding and balancing effect on emotions. Combined with Vetiver, can help calm emotions when applied to the bottom of feet.
Another great way to try dōTERRA's Patchouli is to combine with Peppermint and apply to the forehead, temples, or back of the neck after a long day of work. As a member of the mint family, Patchouli would also make a great addition to your oral health routine. Try it as a mouth wash by checking out the link below:

DIY Patchouli Mouth Rinse | dōTERRAEssential Oils Many teeth-whitening products and toothpastes include baking soda because it has the ability to remove minor stains from the teeth. Baking soda is made up of a chemical compound that acts as an abrasive that can help to remove teeth stains, helping your smile look whiter.

There's just so many benefits from this powerful plant, what are some ways you've used patchouli in the past?  I want to make sure I include lots of uses in my Herbal.

All these products can be found at my enroller ID is 1767826 for those looking to purchase oils at wholesale rates, using my ID grants you access to my top secret Facebook group and a network of over several thousand like minded customers and resources that's growing everyday.  So don't forget to enter it when ordering. 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Alchemy Flowerlounge with Lotuswei

This past week, I attended a lovely flowerlounge experience with lotuswei with ac and upon arrival we were welcomed with open arms and anointed with African Daisy essence when we walked in.  Activating Playfulness and sending a clear message of silliness.  Breaking that awkward tension of walking into a room with like minded people yet not knowing anyone.

The theme of this flowerlounge experience was to transform our world from the inside out, inspired by stories of alchemy from the past, and experiencing flower essences in various forms to feel connected to those around us and transform into something more just within a short evening together. 

The experience was part meditation, part connection to those around us with conversation starters and amazing food and drinks.  Each mocktail was infused with love and elixirs, each one creating a new tactile experience with unique flavors and essences and each one slightly more beautiful than the one before.
The food was simple yet elegant and nourishing, each table also had a set of flower evolution cards to explore.  And I actually purchased the accompanying book that evening; Flower evolution with images by Louie Schwartzberg because there's just so much info about each flower.
Each section of the evening had a unique title, this was 'Eat the sky.'  We drank dewdrops off orchids and sunk into compassion  misted with red rose to activate tenderness and nurture ourselves. 
For Transformation of Human Beingness we catalyzed an alchemical reaction.  The drink was Grapefruit and Rose nectar garnished with dried rose buds, we added 5 drops of elixir featuring the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid to activate electric communication and tap into the collective.  We shared stories with our tables and honored each persons unique experience.
 my friend brought her nursing babe with her and he enjoyed some flower goodness with us all.
we added pea tea to create the most beautiful ultra violet contrast in our grapefruit drinks.
 Next up was Perceive the Interconnectedness featuring a match mint glow to drink, purifying patterns and sparking insights.  The flower essence featured here was Pink Torch Ginger; activating interconnectedness and purifying old patterns.  This drink made we want to invite all my friends over for tea and light limes on fire and spark up conversations with all of them.
 For the last drink of the night we made a Smoked Sacred Cider to Light Up.  The intention was to make a smoke offering toast, featuring Silky Fringe Flower Elixir to conjure up directness and say it like it is.  We burned palo santo into our cups before filling them with apple cider and ice.
We ended the night with mists of Giant Spider Lily essence to Free our Hearts through dedicating the magic and walking out transformed.  I think we did all leave a bit more light hearted and with a free mind.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


I'm finally making art again, it only took several heartbreaks and emotional breakdowns to get me putting my feelings back onto paper.  I spend a lot of time lesson planning and teaching technique, so by the end of the day making time for myself to make art feels selfish, but I've slowly come to understand that it makes me a better aware person when I visually journal, when I get myself onto paper I can be more relaxed and I can focus on what others might need from me.

INHABIT a sketch. almost 'before.' 

I've found myself creating again, it comes in waves.  I found myself over committed and working in the wrong industry for too long.  Giving away all my energy to someone or something else.  I've been working on budgeting energy for creative processes.  I ordered The Wild Unknown Journal to help with prompts not only for my personal self but for my student's weekly sketchbook assignments.  I wanted something I could find myself inspired by to create artwork along side them.  I've stepped too far back from my creative process for too long, ignoring the energy to make something.  I knew having a creative outlet would help ground me this year, and help me grow as an artist again.  I loved Kim Krans' The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck so I had a feeling I would resonate with the prompts in this journal, as I use the journal I'll be sure to post before's and afters, except not exact before's for copyright purposes but beginnings I'll say. like the images above, on the left is the first dribble of brown watercolor paint onto the page, the nest was the only original marks on the journal and I immediately started adding branches and blues to the page, on the right you can see my completed image with my words, collages, and watercolor paintings.

In terms of craftsmanship I am happy to report the pages of this book are thick and durable enough that my light watercolor paintings did not bleed through to the page behind it, although it did wrinkle a bit as water does to a page. Closing the book and allowing it to rest between the other pages has caused it to flatten almost back to normal.  I also am biased because I love the texture of well worked on journal pages, the crinkle of the paper feels matured, lived and expressive more than a flat printed clean sheet.  This is not a sponsored post or anything, but I felt like I should share a bit about it in case you're looking for something to spark that creativity again, because I really feel like it has.

Happy painting and expressing.

this post does contain affiliate links but the opinions are my own, and are shared with the intent to spread knowledge and creativity.