What does the name Hawks and Honey mean?
Hawks are in reference to my first daughter's power animal, a family of hawks circled me and my husband daily though out the pregnancy and Honey refers to my second daughter's power 'animal' bees.  The entire pregnancy my garden was full and bees were all over me, landing on me and surrounding me, so in honor of my girls and nature I chose Hawks and Honey not only my blog name but also my clothing company.

What kind of camera do you use and what programs do you use to edit your photos?
I currently use a Canon Mark 5D iii and Canon Mark 5D iv with a 24-70mm 2.8f and 50mm 1.8f. Usually, I leave the 24-70mm on for everyday use, but it's heavy and when I know I'm shooting people and portraits I opt for the 50mm. I always shoot in JPG and RAW since I switch back and forth between my MacBook Pro and PC {and I prefer quick edits to my jpgs as opposed to my photography work where I use RAW}.  I use Photoshop and lightroom and thanks to the bloguettes two day branding workshop, I've totally stepped up my shortcut game!

Did you go to college?  What's your degree in?
I went to the University of Arizona.  I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Education; emphasis in painting. I also explored mixed media, photography and art history.  I loved living in Tucson, even though it's only and hour and a half from where I grew up, it has a very different vibe and it will always be Husband and mine's first home.

Do you make money from your blog? Can I advertise with Hawks and Honey?
I do generate some income through partners + advertising, affiliate links, brand collaborations and sponsored posts. Featured Posts, Giveaways, and Review Opportunities are available.  My opinions are 100% my own and never influenced by partners and advertisers.  All sponsored posts will be clearly marked as such at the end of the post.  Feel free to contact me regarding partnership and advertising opportunities at hello@jenniferlindschutsky.com

Do you do anything else {as a job} besides blog?
Henna and Photography are my main sources of income.  However, I teach Art part time at a private high school here in Phoenix, and I work part time doing freelance design and social media for and architecture firm as well. I'm also a consultant for an essential oil company and I teach classes and workshops though out the month.  I do private photography sessions and sell my art and apparel. I have created a schedule that fulfills my financial and family needs with a variety of projects and employers. When I'm not working I'm traveling with my family.

How long have you and your Husband been together?
Husband {as I refer to him on this blog for his privacy} have been together for over 15 years.  We met in high school while he was dating my best friend.  They broke up and we ended up falling madly in love, 2 kids later and we couldn't be happier.  Don't worry, she forgave me and was even at our wedding.

Why did you choose a natural home birth?
At first I was nervous something could go wrong, just because birth is so real {and can be scary} but after our friend suggested it and we interviewed our midwife, we knew it was right for us, as a healthy young woman, I was a prime candidate for home birth.  I think birth should be treated like any other healthy normal function of the human body without unnecessary medical interventions {plus I'm scared of needles}.  And it was the most empowering, challenging, sacred things I could have done for myself and my family.  You can read all about birth and pregnancy here.

Do you want more kids?
Nope. I know, I know, my kids are really cute.  But they're a lot of work, and a big reason why we had kids so young was so that we would be able to enjoy a long healthy life with them and of course retire early and move to Hawaii.

I just found out I'm expecting? have any advice for a new mom {and dad}?
First of all Congrats! And second of all, we did things pretty minimalist, but you can find my post on must haves here, a guest post I did for that mama gretchen.

Wait, are you unschooling? or home schooling?
We've recently changed our plan for education and both kids will be attending a school that focuses on bilingual education. Although, we still do a bit of non-schooling in evenings and weekends, meaning when an opportunity for education presents itself we seize the moment!

I'm planning a trip to Phoenix, any advice on where I should eat or drink? or stay?

As a Phoenix native I know my way around, but it's a big city!  We're lucky enough to be in the center of it and I love our local coffee shops in midtown specifically Lux!  They have the best food and great lattes. As far as places to eat you can follow along with my Bitches Food Club as we try new local restaurants and food festivals. If you're looking for things to do in Phoenix in general you can always check my Phoenix or Local tag on recent blog posts.

Do you write anywhere else?
Currently, I'm contributing to North Phoenix Mom's Blog, Phoenix New Times and have guest posted on various sites.

Where can I find you on social media?
@hawksandhoney and @jenniferlindschutsky

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