I don't believe anyone owns beauty. 

Why should only one culture be allowed to have sacred beautiful objects and ceremonies.  
Why can't I pick and choose?  
Why can't I love something because of it's pure beauty?  
Why Can't I only choose the good?  
Why do I have to worry about the connotations and complications of a specific object? statement? style?  
If I want to mix and match and never choose one, WHY can't I?  

You know who owns beauty?

no one. 


I can have something or do something because it's beautiful to me.  
The beauty is sacred.  
Not the ceremony, nor the object, nor the role.  
I won't choose.  I will find the things I love most, the places I love most, the people I love most and the beauty in all of them and I will collect them and curate them and assemble them.  
This is my life.  
This is my beauty.

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