Wednesday, August 11, 2010

D.I.F.M.H. (or Do It For Me, Husband)

So, there comes a point in pregnancy where you just can't do things yourself, or you probably shouldn't. This is where having a loving husband comes in really, really handy.

Our house, as most of you know is a work in progress. The backyard (and front) are 2 of the last phases of D.I.Y. in our house.

We (see: Husband and Brother-in-Law) recently laid down some Sod and we're working on getting more desert friendly landscapes for other parts of the yard, getting rain barrels for water harvesting and, hopefully, soon, I can start planting my garden for fall harvest!

But those are all other projects for other Posts. This one is about an ugly white fence that had been driving me crazy for the last few weeks/months.



"Husband" as I affectionately call him and will refer to him on this blog, managed to do this in less than an hour. It took him twice as long to fill up his pickup truck with all the scrap metal and about 3 minutes at his office dumpster for people to take it (glad someone could reuse/reduce/recycle it). I'm not sure what he did to get remove it, I'm just glad he did it. No more ugly fence for me!! And now we've got an additional patio area, which in my unrealistic, fantasy budget mind would look great with this (below) under it:

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