Monday, August 16, 2010

Momma Monday no. 2

This weekly update of Motherhood, or Pre-Motherhood I should say, is about my new maternity support belt.

It's sexy.

And, when I say sexy I mean that in the most undeniably sarcastic way possible.

I've had a weird pain/discomfort in my torso under my bra line on the right side of my body for about 2 months now. I mentioned it to my midwife, but it was originally thought to be discomfort from a stretching tummy. Nothing to worry about. But, it kept annoying me. So, I tried some acupuncture. And, it worked. a little. But then in the past 2 weeks it started itching, and almost felt like someone was stabbing me, but then quickly stopped and then started again. It mostly did this when I wore bras with under-wire. So, I switched to a sports bra, hoping to avoid this annoyingly, uncomfortable pain. But it didn't work, I was still getting the itching pain and was afraid it was a stretch mark forming... it wasn't. At my last appointment with my Midwife, she felt for my uterus to make sure it wasn't just the baby kicking my ribs, and when she realized the placement of the discomfort, she said, "You know what it might be? It could be a slight hernia."

okay...[sounds bad, but I'm sure she doesn't want me to freak out, and as my Husband pointed out later, I'm sure she didn't want to tell me-since I'm a borderline (see also: full blown) hypochondriac] what does this mean? and what do I do?

Before I could even ask her those questions she promptly recommended a maternity support band to help lift my tummy and support the weight. This will prevent it from pulling on my upper torso muscles. And, being the good little pregnant patient I am, I went out and bought one the next day.

Here is me and my tummy with the pain:

and here is me and my tummy with the new addition:

sexy right?!

Even with clothes on, you can see it... oh well, at least baby isn't ripping me apart from the inside out now. And, it seems like an easy fix. We'll see how I feel in a few more weeks as I get larger and larger. 6 weeks to go!

Happy Monday!

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