Monday, August 30, 2010

Momma Monday no. 3

For my weekly Momma Monday update, I'm going to reflect on this weekends awesomeness! We are at 35 or 36 weeks (midwife vs. ultrasound) and as most of you mothers out there know; that's prime baby shower time. It's an amazing feeling to have this baby so loved by so many people before he or she even gets here. This was one of my happiest experiences during this pregnancy.

I wanted to have as many friends and family as possible at our home for the baby party. So, we had a co-ed shower with lots of great food (thanks mom for splurging at that's a wrap) and good drinks. We also kept the games to a minimum (you'll see them in the photos). I used the baby's room as the game room, so boys wouldn't feel obligated to play. And we had crafts outside- which my husband got interestingly excited for. I didn't want people to feel obligated to buy toys and gifts we didn't need, so although I told them "no gifts necessary", I did create a website listing of everything we NEEDED for the baby and thankfully most people got us stuff we'll actually use (again, see photos)!

Something this great doesn't just happen on a whim, it took a lot of prep work- like, 2 or 3 months worth. Most of the planning and decoration designing was done by me, with my mother as the patron. I also got SO MUCH help from my older sister who flew out a day early to help me clean my house! And, one of my best friends who just happened to be passing through Phoenix at the last minute. She folded all my laundry so I could focus on decorating and micro-managing the set up for the event. My younger sister also helped run errands in the morning, along with my mother who picked up (and payed for) all the cupcakes, wraps and goodies for the event. Husband spent the morning avoiding the stress-induced-rage I've been known to get before events, by beautifying our backyard. There were so many helpful people, I hope I remembered to thank them all.

Now for photos;

Labels and Decor:

I may have gone label crazy...

Take Home Candy - this was my mother's touch, I told her the boxes should be shaped like boobies since we're avoiding bottles for the real thing. She did not appreciate my humor.

Games, Crafts and Prizes:

Guess Who is Who! (Family Members as babies)

Make Baby a scrapbook page!

Guess How Many?! (Diaper Pins)

Make Baby a Onesie!

Prize Bags

Food Table and Details:

Desserts and Drinks:

The Craving Table; Vegan Cupcakes {on the right}, Regular Cupcakes, and Coffee. The only Cravings I get are the ones I had before the pregnancy :)

Giant Potted Cupcake by Candi here's here email:

Izzy Soda & Water Table, with Paper Fans

No Party is complete without a Virgil's Rootbeer Keg

Lemonade Cart

Here are a few photos of moments during the event from one of my guests:

Staying hydrated while baby kicked people.

Happy Motherhood Monday!

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