Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby Growing makes me feel like Growing Plants...

All I've wanted to do this whole time I was/am pregnant was grow plants. I wanted to start the garden where my son or daughter will eat his/her first meal. I wanted to plant a yard for my child to play in (done). I wanted to landscape our front yard so guests and neighbors would be jealous :)

This was my nesting.

But if you forgot (or didn't know), I live in the desert.

Plants grow here when they want to, and for the most part I respect that. But it was a long summer and I couldn't wait until I could get things planted and started for Fall.

Wednesday was one of the first cooler days here in Phoenix and I finally felt comfortable planning what I wanted to plant.

Friday is the first day of my weekend and so I went to Home Depot (I told you they own my soul). I purchased the plants you see below and some other yard necessities.

Here are my befores and afters of my Friday Workday.

All the Plants Before:

Cactus Pod Before:

Cactus Pod After:

Painted Pot Before:

Painted Pot After:

No before of this pot but here's the pretty purple succulent I planted in it:

Dead Succulents' Bowl:

Living Succulent's Bowl (I bought the right soil for it this time, and I will hide it from the heat, unlike I did with the above plants):

Dead Bell Pepper Plant in Beautiful Blue Pot:

Living Mint Plant in Beautiful Blue Pot:

I love getting dirty and feeling powerful from digging up warm soil for plants and seeds. I love feeling useful even though I'm huge (40 lbs so far). I love nature. I love replacing the gravel in our front yard with living desert-y plants. I love having an herb garden for fresh cooking. I love life right now. I hope you're lovin' yours right now too.

Happy Saturday!

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