Friday, September 3, 2010

Functional Friday No. 5

This week my Functional item(s) are Grease Pencils also known as China Markers.

These guys are great for SOOO many things.
If you're label crazy like me you might want to think about investing in a few of these. I got a 10? pack at a big box office supply distributor. I know they sell them in 2 packs which is all you really need, but I could only find the big pack with contained 8-12 can't remember how many exactly.

They reside in my kitchen in a reused illy espresso tin, although I do have random ones scattered throughout my house.
We use these in the kitchen to write the weekly menu on the white board. I stopped buying dry erase markers- since they're made of plastic and not recyclable. I also don't use Tupperware but glass instead- so we mark the date of the left overs on the ball jar with the pencils and it rubs off when we do dishes.

Also in the laundry room, I'm checking to see if the 32 load guarantee on the front of the jug is accurate- so we mark down each time we run a load of laundry.

The markers are really easy to clean off any surface; glass, plastic, laminated and metals. If the wax builds up you can take a little olive oil on to a paperless towel and wipe the surface. But, usually, that's unnecessary and the wax will just wipe off with a non treated cloth.

All in all, they're extremely functional for labelers, not too bad for the environment and also easy to clean off of surfaces. LOVE them!

Happy Functional Friday!

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