Monday, September 6, 2010

Momma Monday no. 4

Momma Monday update week 36 or 37 (midwife vs. ultrasound)

So I just realized yesterday, after a conversation with my not-yet-but-maybe-someday-sister-in-law that I could in theory have this baby in 2 weeks at home! yikes. That's so soon.

In related topics. My ankles went on vacay. And my belly button decided to join them. Also, in protest of these body part leaving without proper notification, my back decided to form a riot and got my uterus to join in. A lot of yesterday was spend with me on my left side, while I experienced the worst Braxton Hicks yet, and extreme lower back pain (almost like period cramping- except I usually don't get that). Luckily, I was able to accomplish some errands and fulfill some consumer cravings I've been having.

We went to Lux (tried the Velvet Iced with Whipped cream -as recommended by Husband's Sister) it was delish! Then had a wonderful breakfast date before heading home and attempting some yard work. After my 1st nap of the day, we headed back out to accomplish some birthday shopping and thrifting. Picked up this super cute ring from Cheap Thrills.

Then, headed to the library, Husband got a book and I felt miserable. We ended up grocery shopping before heading back home for my 2nd nap of the day, which was eventually followed by a delicious pasta meal cooked by Husband. My brother-in-law offered to get dessert for us after, so I finished my evening with some wonderful Carrot Cake from Luci's.

Also here's what I'm looking like at 36/37 weeks, in my new outfit from Buffalo Exchange (only 89 cents after my trade credit!)

Oh also, need to share this with you all;

Somehow, someone got my info (luckily to my parents' address instead of own) about my pregnancy. This picture says, "Are you going to let your baby's core blood end up here?" with a picture of a trash can. Now, I don't know if you are all aware of this core blood banking which has become all the DISGUSTING rage in birthing right now... but this advertisement made me want to scream!

The concept behind core blood banking is that you save the stem cell blood from your baby's umbilical cord at some lab and in the next few years, they will develop a way for your baby to use it, if there is a medical emergency (say cancer or something of the like). While that might sound good to some people, it's absolutely terrifying to me, clone and sci-fi type shit. Not to mention that blood that they take is normally used in the first few moments after birth to help sustain the baby. It's not trash. It helps the baby remain well oxygenated while learning to breath and also provides the last of the nutrients from the placenta. Most midwives will not cut the cord until it has stopped pulsing (as in the core blood has stopped flowing), although from what I've read and heard about hospital deliveries I doubt many doctors have the time to "waste" while they wait for the pulsing to stop, therefore, clamping and cutting early, only to toss the too amazing for words placenta in the medical waste bucket.

Our plans for Baby's placenta are to keep it attached until pulsing stops, cut the cord, document and explore (you can get accurate dating and useful info from the placenta after birth), and plant a tree with the placenta as the nutrient providing resource for the tree. Although, I have considered eating it like ALL other animals for the hormonal benefits, as a vegetarian I just can't imagine doing so. If I was a meat eater I don't think I'd have a problem with it, but for me it would be a texture issue and probably gross me out. However, I do recognize the hormonal and nutritional benefits that come with consuming the placenta. I wish I could force myself to do it, but I am a product of my culture and unfortunately it is socially unacceptable to the norm. and therefore I've been conditioned to think it's gross. I wish I could turn that switch off and just do it, but I can't, which is unfortunate because one of my midwife's, Shell Walker, specialties is placenta encapsulation and I hear she makes AMAZING chocolates with it... you never know, Husband joked about putting it in a smoothie for me, he might still do it, and I'd never know.

Anyway Happy Momma Monday (and I-hope-I-Don't-Go-In-To-Labor-at-Our-BBQ-in-Honor-of-Labor-Day day)!

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