Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby's Room Before and After

So, I'm still working on Sonja's room; but here's what it looked like before and "after" with a little explanation.

From inside the room looking towards the door:
Baby's room had 2 closets, but the 2nd one was a makeshift mess, we built a wall there and made the closet go back to the other room from which it originally belonged. we did do it ourselves (with a friend) but I didn't take notes or make a step by step- so in short; framed out 2x4"s, filled it with insulation and then put dry wall up, I plastered it with joint compound and then over that with Venetian plaster. I still need to install a baseboard and paint the closet with the chalk paint.

From the doorway:

Notice my new trash cans from Cost Plus World Market? One is for the trash diaper stuff and one is for the laundry diaper stuff.

From the bed looking towards the door:
I have to print a photo for that frame, and that black rectange thing is her portable play pin.

You might have noticed there is no crib in her room... she co-sleeps with us and has a little secure sleeper in the middle of the bed for my mental health. When she's a little older and can roll over, we'll have to discontinue using it but for now I'm sleeping well knowing we won't roll over on her, but can check on her without even having to get up. Also, I chose the colors when we still didn't know the gender, I really liked the color scheme and figured I could add more girly colors later.

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