Saturday, October 23, 2010

Candle Re-Making

What you'll need:
Old candles (save the part that is left after the wick burns out)
Stove top
Old pot or pan (once you use it for the wax you won't want to use it again for food)
Jars from around your house
*New candle wicks - available at your local craft store (I got mine from Michaels 6 wicks for $3)

In the photo above you can see I've already made several candles and a mess. Below is the explanation step by step for my last candle, mexican pumpkin spice candle left overs from Cost Plus, World Market

Step 1: Heat pan to 1 or 2 on the burner (very low heat) if the wax starts smoking turn it down, smoke from wax can be caustic and gave me a little headache. Make sure to open windows or have a hood fan going so you don't breathe any smoke.
Here are the wicks I bought:
Step 2: Place the wick inside of the jar of your choice.
Step 3: Once the wick is inserted and all the wax is melted carefully pour the wax into the jar. Put something under the jar in case you spill, wax is not fun to clean up!
Step 4: Make sure the wick is placed in the center, move if necessary. For large jars you might need 2 or more wicks to make sure the candle burns properly. Allow to cool. sometimes candles do sink in around the wick as they cool. If this is going to bother you, do the candle in layers and allow for each layer to cool before adding another layer.
Happy Wax Recycling and Candle Re-Making!

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