Monday, October 4, 2010

Momma Monday No. 8

This week was the first full week of Mommyhood. I'm loving it so far, how could I not? I have the most beautiful little girl. I also have the most wonderful husband. He was able to spend the first week at home with us. He helped change diapers and cook dinners while I focused on feeding our daughter and regenerating.

I felt great immediately following the birth, but the 3 days following it; I felt like I got hit by a car. Or maybe, less dramatic, like I've felt in the past, after a serious workout session or how I felt in high school during cheer camp (yes, I was a cheerleader- don't seem so surprised). I took my time getting well rested and ate nourishing foods and drank lots of water and coconut water. Now, I'm feeling more life myself pre-pregnancy and I might be a little delusional- but, I feel like my stomach is practically gone! I hope to start doing yoga again in the next week or two, and maybe working out again in the next month. I also plan on continuing our morning walk routine asap.

In Sonja's first week of life we took her on a short outing for me to get coffee. I sat in the back seat with her and held her hand while Husband drove. I've been getting anxiety over driving, him driving, me driving, or Sonja being in the car. I knew I'd have to get over my fear quickly or it would just get worse. I hate how her car seat supports her head. I feel like she's too small to be in it properly... I will not be driving her around by myself, but it was nice to go out and interact with people. It made me shower and get dressed in real clothes and straighten my hair- as opposed to the household wardrobe of yoga pants no shirt and showering every other day. Did you know babies prefer unwashed nipples? They like the ones that smell like their mother, if you wash one with soap and not the other, the baby will prefer the unwashed one. (too bad I can't cite this, since I don't remember where I read it - but it was a legitimate source I'm sure)

Also, we had some amazing friends come to Phoenix to visit, we met them all for lunch at a local restaurant where another friend works. The Main Ingredient - I got the grilled cheese and artichoke dip (although, I really wanted to try the Cash Money). She slept through the whole event and woke up when we got home, to feed. Again, I don't like driving so I don't think this will happen again anytime soon, but these friends are really important to us and we wanted to make sure we got maximum friend time while they were here.

Otherwise, this first week consisted of breastfeeding, sleeping and eating. My kind of days. I've still got a few more weeks off until I start teaching again (only 1-1 1/2 hours M-T). Enjoying each day with my new family member.

Happy Momma Monday!

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