Monday, October 11, 2010

Momma Monday no. 9

2 full weeks of real mommy-ness:

The breastfeeding has gotten easier. It's still uncomfortable to start and slightly uncomfortable while she's drinking, but overall I think it's working great. She's already much chunckier than she was at birth.

Sonja's sleep schedule is messing up my internal clock. I get plenty of sleep, though. I have the amazing skill of being able to sleep anywhere in any position really. (you should see me on an airplane with my legs up on the serving trays) We usually go to sleep around 10ish and she wakes up sometimes around 11, but always around 2 or 3 am and I change her diaper, feed her and then we sleep until 5 or 6 am and I change her again and feed her again. That's when Husband gets up so he hangs out with her for a bit before he goes to work, and then we go back to sleep. We usually sleep until 11 or so... then I put her back down to sleep and I get ready for the day. Basically, I'm sleeping until noon or a little earlier everyday. Sonja sleeps for 3 hours at a time, so I get some stuff done but really I'm still enjoying this laying in bed getting my rest time. I go back to working an hour a day next week and I just hate the thought of leaving her, so I'm savoring the laying in bed watching her sleep parts of my day.

I took my first bath with her last night. When she took her first bath with husband I had a "vision" of her pooping in the tub. When I told him she might poop, he was hesitant to take the bath but when he did take the bath with her she didn't poop. However, last night when I took the bath with her I noticed a little poop when I was draining the tub. gross. Thanks Cupcake, mommy loves getting baby poop on her :)

And, let me just tell you this little girl likes to poop. She poops EVERY time I change her, sometimes while I'm changing her. It's not unlike her to have pooped, me to wait a few minutes to make sure she's done, then change her, and get her fresh diaper on, then we go to lay back down or eat and not 5 minutes later she's pooping again. Needless to say, we've been going through diapers quite quickly. We're still using seven gen. for diapers. Although, we switched to Earth's Best from Sprouts' last week since we didn't see the seven gen. brand. Can I just say, they were the worst diapers EVER. She pooped through them every time during the night and sometimes during the day. Something she's never done in the seven gen diapers. Anyway, I'm looking forward to moving into her cloth diapers (gdiapers). They're still a little big for here right now but they're so cute. I'm also a little concerned I don't have enough liners for them. I have 9 covers and 10 liners - that might get me through one day. I'm going to have to invest in some more liners and maybe a few more covers, unless someone wants to gift me some :)

Laundry in our house has also increased. I do a load a day, I used to do 3 or 4 loads a week. I have to wash her blankets (since I drip breast milk all over them frequently) and wipes (we use both cloth wipes and regular wipes when the cloth ones are dirty) and I mix in whatever dirty clothes we have around the house that day and wash everything together. I thought washing items with poop on them would be gross, but her poop is like mustard it's yellowish and seedy but not really that gross, plus there is so little; it washes away without leaving a stain even on the wipes. I wouldn't recommend washing formula fed babies' poopy items with your nice clothes but really breast milk doesn't make gross poop. Thank god!

Anyway, that's what being a new mom in the 2nd week is like... I hope you're enjoying my weekly updates. I will try to include more photos in the future, but husband has announced NO PHOTOS of Sonja on the internet. Too many creepers out there looking at his daughter, so I'll have to get artistically creative to show you all my parenting experiences. I'll brainstorm this week :)

Happy Momma Monday!

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