Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DIY Painted Kitchen V.II

Here is an in progress painted kitchen, at my friends' Danny and Janay's:



The progress is being made! The cabinets have been there since the 1950s and the whole house is getting a massive facelift all D.I.Y. Since these cabinets are only going to be temporary for the house, Janay decided to leave the upper cabinets off and just use them as shelving. To make them more of a display and"pop" she decided to paint them white on the inside and a grey everywhere else. I was only able to help for a few hours on Saturday, so I haven't seen it totally complete but seriously, how much better does this look already?!

Love these two! They are amazing and Danny totally helped us with some serious D.I.Y. projects at our house, I hope to help them as much as Sonja will allow, expect more amazing befores and afters from this super cute fixer upper (as many as they'll let me post)!

Happy Tuesday!

p.s. for tips on how to paint properly step by step see my previous Painted Kitchen Post.

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