Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Painted Kitchen

This one's for you Janay :)
Here's my how to, and advice on painting a kitchen, including the cabinets.

Here's some photos for you before I give you the step by step:
sea of cabinets. the cabinets scattered as we painted them.

above: the before of our kitchen (everything is pale pink - gross)

above: the after picture, with my completed project.

above: before, view from the hallway.

above: after, view from the hallway.

Now that you can see the difference of just a few coats of paint, let me explain what it was we did. Make sure to take before pictures before you start!
1. Sand with a fine sand paper and then scrub everything with TSP a seriously intense cleaner, make sure to wear thick gloves. let everything dry.
2. Take down cabinets. label them with corresponding numbers as you go, this will make the difference between hell or heaven when rehanging them. Keep all screws in a safe spot, not necessary to remove hinges but you'll need to tape them or use aluminum foil to keep from painting them. If your cabinets have handles, you'll want to remove them while you paint.
3. Use a sponge like roller to paint, not the normal rollers; this one is smaller, has no end cap on one end and allows for a smoother application, click here to order some or see them.
3. Paint.
4. Paint again.
5. If necessary paint again.
6. Once you've painted all desired surfaces you'll want to apply a clear coat, to seal the paint. I didn't do this right away and seriously regretted it. I had to go back a few months later (while I was 6 months pregnant and touch up the paint and then seal them). Click here to see an example of what I'm talking about.
7. After the clear coat dries, put hardware back on the cabinets, then re-hang the cabinets using the numbering system to make sure they go back to the right spot.
8. Once everything is back in place take an after photo and enjoy your beautiful "new" kitchen.

Happy Cabinet Painting.

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