Friday, November 12, 2010

Functional Friday No. 14


This function item and idea comes from my sister. Her inspiration might stem from the fact, that she desperately wants a puppy, but due to her lease agreement she can't get one.

Anyway, here's what's functional about a dog.

1. They act as alarm systems (at least the good ones do). Our dogs know how many people are in the house and if there is an "extra" person outside or sound they will react, letting us know someone or something is not normal. (My parent's last dog actually alerted the whole family to a fire in our garage, she started barking and pooping inside. My my came down to clean it up and let her outside- when she went to the garage to get a dust pan she was hit in the face with all the smoke gushing into the house. After she closed the door, she got the rest of us out of the house. Most people don't have smoke detectors in the garage, so we wouldn't have known otherwise and both my sister and I's bedroom were above the garage, and both the cars were full of gas. Talk about functional!).

2. They cuddle. They will sit with you when you cry, jump on you you laugh, and lick your face because they love you.

3. They watch your kids. Not completely, but if something is wrong they'll let you know. If Sonja is crying they follow us around and make sure she's okay. If Husband tosses her into the air (as she sometimes likes) Lola will give him the evil eye- concerned about him dropping her.

4. They keep you entertained. They do silly stuff, they wrestle, they act like people (sometimes), they smell the flowers. They'll make you laugh.

Anyway, if you have the money, time and space for a pup and you don't already have one, check out your local humane society and adopt. Those dogs are the sweetest, and they appreciate you so much more since they've sometimes had a rough life.

Happy Functional Friday!

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