Monday, November 15, 2010

Momma Monday no. 14

...but first, look at my cotton candy from this weekend, sooo good:
Sonja is a serious seven weeks now! I can't believe how big she's gotten (11 pounds) and how much personality she has. She likes to smile, and giggle. She's the sweetest. She only crys when she is hungry (and I'm not there to feed her-she hates the bottles), or when she's really tired and can't figure out how to go to sleep.

I'm lucky I get to spend so much time with her and that her Daddy is willing to work so hard so we can have a healthy functioning family.

Sonja went to her first birthday this weekend. A little boy nicknamed Nacho has the same birthday as me (today!) and we were invited to his 1st birthday carnival. I took lots of pictures. A mom after my own heart, Natalie labeled EVERYTHING. I loved seeing all the other families with all their small children. In just a matter of months, Sonja will be doing all the same activities; crawling, walking, running. It's all so exciting and interesting.

some food:

and games:
In other news, I'm still waiting for her night time diapers to arrive. I ordered her bummis from and they need to get here soon. She only has one bummis and it lasts from 10:30pm until 5am but I need a diaper from 5-8am that she won't pee through. Hope they get here today!

In the Natural Parenting front; my in-laws tried to give us a brand new stroller yesterday (with a car seat). I declined. My grandmother-in-law helps with Sonja on Mondays and Wednesdays, and she thought that SLC might want a stroller, since carrying her isn't much of an option. And, although, I recognize the convenience of having a stroller, I don't think Sonja would like it all that much right now. She really really loves being on people, in her little carrier where she can rest on their chest and hear their heart beat. I think, right now, a stroller would be too lonely for her. I hope I didn't offend them, by declining. But, also, I couldn't accept a NEW stroller. I drive by Hissyfits everyday and see them for sale, used in good condition, for I'm sure what is half the price, and there would be no packaging waste because of that purchase. Plus, the stroller they picked out was super pretty and pink and girly, but if I'm going to buy something like that, I want it to be gender neutral so we can use it if we do adopt. Sonja is still stroller-less for now, which I don't mind, after all, babies are meant to be held.

Well, I think that's all for my mommy-ness. I hope you're all having a wonderful Momma Monday!

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