Thursday, December 9, 2010

Movin' on the G size!

This basket of lovely used diapers has been retired, at least for little Sonja Cake. maybe they will find a new home with one of my lovely pregnant friends. Hopefully, though I can get them back if we have another baby... preferably via adoption. I did not enjoy morning sickness and there are tons of kids in need of loving homes!
Here are Sonja's New set of g pants. I didn't buy nearly as many liners since we're doing the whole E.C. (Elimination Communication) thing also known as infant potty training. But, it is nice to have her diapered just in case I miss a pee or two.
Also, my sweet friend Janay found a starter kit of g pants with two covers and 10 disposable liners at goodwill for like $4! Normally, the covers are $17 each!

we also use bummis all in one at bed time since they're a bit more absorbent and a bit tighter fit around the leg so no pee leaks out during the middle of the night.

Happy Diapering!

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