Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Resolution List

I don't normally make these lists because when I think a change is necessary I implement it right away instead of waiting for a significant date. However, this year some changes and big ideas happen to be taking place at the exact right time for such a list, so here it is:

1. Smile more (I don't do this nearly enough, for how happy I really am)
2. Take my dogs (and daughter) on more walks
3. Create more works of art, painting, ceramics and such
4. Be a better teacher, be more prepared, more knowledgeable, more engaging.
5. Continue on my coffee-less lifestyle until at least march 2011
6. Make my Etsy store a success
7. Post more D.I.Y. projects on this blog
8. Nurture our garden into edible food
9. Practice my self defense techniques, shooting, knife skills and hand to hand
10. Continue saving $$ for summer (paycheck-less) and for traveling
11. Eat Better, MORE veggies/complete proteins/organic produce and LESS sugar/sucanat
12. Go to Yoga at least once a week
13. Practice languages; Spanish, Russian, German, Italian
14. Be a better mom (including holding Sonja Sweetness more, teach her more, stop being lazy)
15. Be a better wife (including cooking more, cleaning more, say thank you more and the such)

Have a good list? share it, I'd love to read yours!

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