Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sonja's First Christmas Gifts

What do you buy a baby whose mom says NO new gifts please! and whose Grandma is a shopoholic? see below to find out:

Above: an extra set of cloth gdiapers (BEST DIAPERS!), a non-plastic toy because kids do need some entertainment, and because she needed another $3 to get the free shipping; Organic whole wheat cereal for when our lil' Cupcake isn't so little and is starting to eat real food (within in the next few months!)-from Grandma and Grandpa L.

Eco Friendly Potty Chair

Stock image of the biodegradable potty from ourgreenhouse.com and not pictured: some organic cotton onesies -from Grandma and Grandpa L.

Above: a thrifted boutique find from Aunt A. Juicy Jumpsuit!

Above: Regifted books from her cousins E. & C.

Above: (not pictured: organic cotton outfit from H&M) from my Aunt Chris and Steve Organic cookbook for babies and toddlers

Above: Some gifts from her momma and papa too. (we got her a natural wood teether, organic wood rattle, organic cupcake onesie, and the such)

Above: front and back of sighfoo shapes (they're made from old wool sweaters available on etsy) from her Grandma and Grandpa S.

Above: Authentic Norwegian stocking from Husband's Aunt J. (they're from Norway, these are actually regifted stockings as well as they're sent to his Aunt every year and she had too many to know what to do with)

Above: Etsy dress from her Uncle W. (I don't know the shop name though- sorry)

Above: Nature books from her Auntie Gretchen (made on 98% post consumer waste recycled paper) and a cute little cupcake clip from her trip to New Jersey.

Above: Diaper covers from Rae Gun @ Etsy.com from her Aunt Em.

Above: handmade and painted cupcake metal artwork from Aunt Brittany and the B. family.

Okay, so clearly people did not listen to me or my requests to not give sonja un-necessities, but I think we'll use most of what she got, and the stuff we hardly use I'll be able to sell to a consignment store when she outgrows it or I can donate it to another friend. She got a lot of clothes, new clothes, which is a little frustrating since there are SOOO many baby clothes already in the world, but they are cute clothes and I will reuse them for future kids and give them to friends with kids- so they will get reused. These were just the most notable gifts I thought people would like to see, I appreciate every thoughtful item she received so I don't want to sound negative. I just really appreciate it when people listen to my reuse/handmade/necessities requests for gifts. I want her to use everything she has, unlike lot of kids who have so much stuff they're ungrateful for it all. We're trying to teach Sonja that all resources are important and not to be wasted, that for every item she acquires something or someone had to sacrifice something to make it or for her to get it.

Hope you enjoyed Baby's First Christmas Gift Review.

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  1. I love that most of your family respected you on the gifts you requested. I tried to drop hints to my family with no plastic toys and not to go super nuts (as babies don't need a million things) but its like it went in one ear and out the other. I feel so ungrateful being upset about it but I just don't want all that stuff in my house and now I have it and I'm upset. Next year I'm going to be really serious about my requests. Any advice on how to share how you feel with the family when they don't get your way of life at all??

  2. Honestly, I told people early on (as in at the baby shower) we didn't need gifts and if they did want to get her something it should be 1. organic. 2. made from natural materials. 3. NO PLASTIC. most of our friends and family know us well enough to not waste their money on things I'll return or donate. I also made a blog for wishlist items, so people could easily find the acceptable items to get her. Sometimes, I think people are just so used to going to the mall to get gifts they're unaware of the alternatives... best of luck!