Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Day at the Park

On a whim, Sonja and I went to the park.  It was less of a day and more of a 15 minute outing.  I wasn't planning  on going to the park.  So, she didn't really have the right gear.  But like any mom, I was well prepared and had a hat already in the diaper bag, so we set out on a Tuesday adventure...

 We found a rose.

 Watched some ducks.

 Saw and listened to the fountain.

 Stood by the water in our Moby Wrap.

 Enjoyed more roses.

 They were so pretty.

Took a photo of the water feature and the rose bushes.

SLC grabbed a leaf from the rose bush and wouldn't let go. 

It was a nice little outing together, I think I'm going to make a routine out of it.

Happy Wednesday!

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