Friday, January 21, 2011

In Memory of the Benz...

I was going to write about this months ago with my friend Brad bought this amazing car.

A veggie oil running Mercedes Benz.  He built a D.I.Y. Pump Station for his own backyard.  I thought it was the coolest thing and I wanted to share it with you all:

Cool right?

The used  (non-hydrogenated) veggie oil gets pumped into the centrifuge and then goes into the barrel on the bottom ready to be pumped into the car with a fuel pump.

His Grandpa built this little wood station himself, for the whole set up to function well.

My Brother in law was interested in purchasing such a car himself, but needed the pump station set up in order for it to run off the veggie oil instead of diesel fuel.  When he mentioned this to my friend Brad, Brad told him that the Benz needed some pricey repairs, that he couldn't afford and asked if he'd like to buy the car and get the repairs.  Of course my B-I-L jumped at the chance to get an amazing car with the pump station set up so he bought it for a very friendly price.  He had it from the shop for about a week, before this happened:
Awful right? Totaled for sure.

An idiot (without insurance!) ran a red light and slammed into him.  It would have killed a passenger.  Can you see the interior of the door in the middle of the passenger seat, and how the passenger seat is folded in half?? Yeah, he's bummed that is amazing new car is no more.  I felt like I should still post this as a tribute to the Benz that is no more.  He's looking for another amazing converted car so he can still be gasoline free, but he's waiting for a check from his insurance company. Luckily, he is "okay," just the back and neck injuries associated with those type of accidents.

If you know of any 80's Mercedes looking for a new home let me know in the comments section.

Drive Safely (and make sure you have insurance)!!

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