Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mama Must Haves

So, I've been compiling my list of must haves for the past few months and I will be posting a Must Have Nots as well just to give you a heads up on things most parents and people will tell you NEED but that you can absolutely do without. When I asked Husband what he needed for Cupcake, he said, "Ugh, like things? you don't need things, you need a mama." Sweet, but not totally true. There are a few more items and he did agree, diapers, olive oil and wrap were his top 3. My top 10 are listed below:

1. Lanolin
. Lansinoh Lanolin for Breastfeeding Mothers 2 oz (56 g)
When you start breastfeeding have this at the house. You MIGHT not need it, but if you are one of the many mamas with a rough first few days of latch issues or just uncomfort this stuff really helps. Consult a lactation consultant (IBCLC) for any and all discomfort you might have, but you won't want to wait until you meet with her or have to go to the store if you need this stuff. trust me, just have it.

2. Nipple Pads
These soft hand made nipple pads are my favorite! I won them at Hissyfits and I know I saw them on etsy before but can't remember where. When breastfeeding these adorable pads help make the leaking easier. They're easy to wash and since it was a 8 pack (4 pairs) I can rotate them when the other ones are in the wash. Who wants disposable (extra waste) papery (painful) pads on their leaky boobs? not me.

3. Cloth Diapers.
You have not diapered a baby until you use cloth! They make all the difference, they are soft and cute and not wasteful! I love gdiapers! They are simple to use, and you only have to change the parts that are dirty; the cloth insert, the liner or the cloth cover, depending on what gets peed or pooped on. ALSO, INFANT POTTY TRAINING OR ELIMINATION COMMUNICATION is very successful and you can do well with just a few cloth diapers for the misses or for inconvenient times when toilets aren't as accessible.

4. Boobs. not pictured :)
What else are you going to feed the baby with? and if you think formula is your only other option, please see eats on feets.  You can get your baby human milk without it being your milk.  This might freak some people out, but what freaks me out is the formula recalls, the allergic reactions to formula (sometimes so severe and undiagnosed it can lead to "failure to thrive") and the lack of human contact.

5. Wrap/Sling/Harness

You want to do everything and still be a wonderful mother? You really can do it all. This is how! By having your baby close and on you, you are able to be attentive to their needs, you are also able to still cook, clean, read a book, do your hair and makeup or anything else you might enjoy using your hands for.

6. Car Seat

Because, although as much as I hate cars for all their environmental destruction, I too have to get from point a to b and Sonja has to join me. Make sure your car seat is up to the latest safety standards and not on the recall list!

7. Blankets
Many people will buy you clothes. and clothes are great, they keep baby warm and fitted and stylish, but blankets are the key. Sonja's first few days of life were spend in diapers and blankets. She was swaddled with her hands free to feel and touch but bundled for her core and legs to stay warm. Being naked with lots of skin on skin contact with me and Husband allowed her to form a bond with us.  That warmth is so important for a new person, especially since they spent the last 9 months in a warm bath.  So, although I have nothing negative to say about clothes (except who doesn't enjoy being naked more?) I will say blankets are more important, especially in the desert where it's hardly cold enough for a jacket and babies can simply wonder about in a diaper.

8. Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil
If you've seen my previous posts on natural diapering or my functional Friday post featuring olive oil you know how amazing this stuff is. Since I'm including it in this list, I'll remind you that it is amazing at moisturizing both baby and your skin. You can use it instead of diaper creams and also at the advice of our amazing child birth educator, you really only want to put things on your baby that you would eat, because SO much is absorbed through the skin.

9. Rocking Chair or Glider

I bought mine used at a yard sale because I love to reuse and because it matched her room well enough. This has become my best friend as Cupcake has gotten bigger, she's more alert and enjoys the rocking sensation. She nurses well and falls asleep while rocking, so I use it A Lot.

10. Baby Toilet
You will love this little guy if you are nervous about holding a newborn over a toilet.  I know Elimination Communication sounds weird to some people but it's so nice to not have to change poopy diapers!  Just try it, you will not regret it.   I promise!

Also, something you can't buy but you'll need; last but not least, energy.  I get lots of sleep but somedays I'm still exhausted. I am making an effort to remember to take my pre[post]natal vitamins again. and also, once I start working out more regularly I'm sure my energy will return. but Mamas-to-be, stock up on this one as much as possible, this is truely what you'll be needing most!

Honestly, everyone told me I'd need to have lots of money and stuff to raise a happy baby.  But lil' Cupcake here, is happy as can be and she doesn't have that much stuff.  She gets spoiled with love.  Raising babies the natural NORMAL way is actually quite cheap, but if the diaper, formula and toy companies told you this, how would they make their money? Save all that money you would have spent on that fancy play pin or crib, and those toys or fancy clothes and go on a family trip, invest in a good camera to document those memories, whatever you do, don't be fooled by the consumerism of this culture.


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  1. Great post!! We really do get lost in buying all that stuff for kids when they really, truly don't need much beyond a family. Sonja is a lucky little cupcake.

    (I got my Toxic Cupcake in the mail- thank you! It looks great! Can't wait to frame it!)

    PS- I am sharing your blog with a blogger I follow who lives in Australia. She is all about livin simply and she is welcoming two grandbabies into the world this year. I think your blog would be a great resource for her! Have a great rest of your week!

  2. and if you (thankfully) don't end up needing the lanolin, it makes a great lip gloss!
    Queensland, Australia