Monday, January 10, 2011

Momma Monday no. 22

This little girl has discovered her hands, and how simply entertaining they can be!

She's also started drooling a ton!  So we finally get to bust out her bib collection (she's got about 13)

On Monday, I went to teach my class even though apparently, we didn't have class. Should have checked my planner. opps. I worked on a few items at the school anyway before returning home. I'm glad it was a mix up though I needed a short transition to get used to being away from Sonja again. I didn't want to leave her, I almost immediately started having withdraws. When I got home my brother in law and I went grocery shopping. My back has been bothering me lately so he was wearing her. I was waiting for some dirty looks since he is about 4 years younger than me and looks it, but even though he looked like a daddy carrying her, no rudeness. Speaking of back pain, does anyone have any natural advice on how to strengthen my back?? I thought it was bothering me from holding Sonja, but it's HOW I'm holding her. When she's in her wrap, I have no pain, it's when I just hold her all day long without support that it starts hurting. I got some glucosamine to help with muscle regeneration but I need some workouts...

Tuesday was a simple day, I taught class and Cupcake enjoyed time with her Daddy. I finally caught up on grading student's artwork, something I should have done during the winter break but I was really enjoying some family time.

Wednesday and Thursday were also simple days and nothing major stands out except that SLC cried and showed her temper to her Great Nonnie something her Aunt Emily used to do as well (so I was told), but I felt bad since this wonderful woman takes time to hang out with my daughter for free and my daughter screams the whole time.  But what could I do? I'm starting to hate the whole working and leaving her thing, but not working is not really an option that small amount of money does make a big difference each month.  Plus, I do like teaching art.  I love the beautiful works of art my students make and I love seeing their improvement over the months- but I hate leaving my daughter.

Friday was kind rough.  I had a headache (I get them a lot, although I think I only got 3 the whole pregnancy, thankfully).  I met my mother for lunch, so we could get out of the house.  I took Sonja to her office to say hi and meet her co-workers and friends.  Of course, everyone was so sweet and wanted to hold her, and told me how beautiful she is and how she holds her head up so well.  The only problem was that someone must have had on a ton of perfume because when I got my baby back she smelled and with my headache it was making me want to throw up.  Luckily, I didn't. After lunch I felt a little better and Cupcake and I were able to enjoy a little outside time together.  When Husband got home we went to dinner and although Sonja slept through the wait, she immediately woke up once we sat down.  I spent my meal standing and eating, luckily it was a high top table so it was still convenient.  Once we were done with dinner we came home and I did some laundry- it's like the pile is never ending.  Finally, around 10pm the family was in bed and we were dreaming sweetly together.

Saturday was my dad's birthday so we enjoyed some take out at my parents house in the afternoon.  Sonja was tired and a bit fussy but once she's with grandma she's calm as can be and usually falls asleep right away.  We also went to costco and picked up this new rug for our living room.  I removed the coffee table and placed it on the back patio.  Now we have somewhere to do tummy time (Sonja hates it less now).  And for any of you carpet haters (like myself), I will be placing a blanket in between her and the carpet, no way I'm going to let my happy baby roll around directly on all those toxins used in carpeting.  But for safety reasons I also couldn't just leave tile under her so we got this American made rug.
  Pretty right?

Sunday was a lazy day.  At least for Husband. He has a wicked sinus infection and so he slept. A lot.   He also hung out with Sonja in bed while I planted the rosemary tree and basil plant which was really great because our last basil bush died from the frost :( it was huge.  I was so sad to rip it out of the ground and start over but I did!  We had spaghetti for dinner and SLC has been joining us at the table instead of sitting in her bouncy chair you see in the living room photo above.  She now sits in her bumbo at the table- although, I'm pretty sure there is a warning about them only being used on the floor.  eh, she's always well supervised so I'm not worried about it.  Can I just tell you how amazingly delicious pecorino ramano cheese is?? so good. After dinner we watched Elizabethtown, which was actually a movie Husband and I pre-screened back in college when he was just Boyfriend.  Sonja was really good for the movie, no fussing! just talking.  She loves to talk, and make this huuummmmm sound, so cute!  After the movie we headed to bed, I know, not that interesting of a day but aren't those hang around the house and eat great food days the best?  I think so!

Happy Momma Monday! (Sorry I didn't publish this earlier, I've been busy today)

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  1. I know some simple back strengthening exercises that I learned in my pilates class last semester