Monday, February 21, 2011

Momma Monday no. 28

My weekly reflection as a mother of an almost 5 month old:

Monday was Valentine's day and I may or may not have purchased something from this shop a few weeks ago.  When I was pregnant and browsing etsy, I found something and told Husband that when I lost all my pregnancy weight I would get it.  Turns out that weight disappeared just a few short weeks before Valentine's day; so I splurged.  And the wonderful handmaker, herself, took one look at Sonja and couldn't resist making her this:

ahh.  So thankful!  Pease, check out her gorgeous etsy shop! Even her wrapping is elegant:
I texted this photo to Husband for Valentines day, but dressed it up on for this blog;
Thinking about getting this sweet neck tat.  what do you think ;)

Some photos from the week:
Diaperless baby trying to crawl

Sleeping on my chest

They mention Eats on Feets in this magazine!
A magazine I get for free, since I bought some Gdiapers online.

Our dogs terrified The Sweetness this week while barking at these two exploring pups 
one was a Great Dane and the other a lil' Pug

About potty training; I guess I spoke too soon about the dry diapers and potty free nights because on Wednesday I woke up at 5am and 9am to puddles of pee on the towel in my bed... In more interesting news, I spent the morning crocheting with our midwife and her assistant.  Tracy is wonderful and practically acted as a doula for me while I was in labor.  While Shell and I were crocheting, she held Sonja so I could learn how to start a crocheted hat! This is what it looks liked like on Wednesday:

Also, I've been dreading using the breast pump to get milk to donate.  Last time I tried the manual pump it hurt and so I'm sort of scared of the electric one.  Anyway, today I grabbed a bag and tested out hand expressing into the bag instead of a bottle and it worked!

Here's a photo from a last minute grocery store trip, for things you can't get at farmer's markets like toilet paper and a few things I forgot like leeks and wine.
Sonja pushing the cart from her wrap

Sonja must be teething, because on Friday, she threw a 40 minute fit for no apparent reason.  She cried and cried.  I tried nursing her but she would only latch for a second and pull right off.  She was acting tired but wouldn't sleep and she kept trying to eat her's and my own hands.  Then all of the sudden, nothing, she was fine, back to her squirming self.  Also, she started crawling today, sort of.  She goes AWAY from the object placed in front of her, she pushes herself backwards.  So counter culture right ;)  going the opposite way as all the other babies.  But any day now I suppose she'll start making the move forward.  I can't believe she's growing up so quickly. I mean, check out this photo:

Oh, Hello, sitting-up-by-yourself-baby!
p.s. we're not Raiders fans, this blanket is just super soft and it was a gift to my husband as a child :)

Well I think that's all for my weekly update.  Happy Momma Monday!

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  1. whaaa?? that skirt is too cute. ah, etsy, i get stuck there sometimes all caught up in the cute. it's dangerous for me to go there. but i'm pretty sure my niece NEEDS that skirt. My son? perhaps....:-)