Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Glaze for Paintings; a how to.

This past weekend was my friend Erin's birthday.  And, she is just the nicest.  She's got a great vintage, nightmare, antique-y style. So, I knew I wanted to make her something great.  Oh, and she rides a bicycle.  This is what I made her and a how to for my favorite finish on a painting, EPOXY! It looks like candy when it's done.  But, please, don't think about eating it, this stuff is TOXIC!

This is an acrylic painting with photo transfer technique at the top (brake peddles and group of people images from vintage bicycle how to guides`) and the line work is oil based paint pens.

This stuff is seriously aweful for you, don't breathe it, don't touch it, and for god's sake DO NOT EAT IT!
I always wear gloves!  And make sure you mix it with a brush or sponge you don't want to keep after you're done. 

I love the shinny-ness of this technique.  It makes everything look like a lolly pop or glass surface.  And, now, you all can make something as super shinny as this!

Happy Epoxy Coating!

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