Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yarn Wrapped "S"

I originally saw this on Sometimes Sweet on her links to love post.  But, didn't really follow the full tutorial (here) because I like to do things myself :)  Plus, I had some unique vintage buttons I wanted to upcycle into this project.
I laid out where I was going to put the buttons and took a photo to remember.  Got all my supplies together and got to work.
 First, I put some tacky glue on the back and tied the yarn around the S and made a knot.
Then, I hid the loose end by wrapping more yarn and adding more glue as I wrapped.  I continued this tedious wrapping for about 20 minutes then added the buttons on with hot glue (to make them appear sewn, I used thread in the button holes, before gluing them on)
I think it will make a sweet little addition to Sonja's room, and from her attempts at trying to get to it while working on it, I can safely say she likes it :)

Happy Crafting!

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