Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Master Bathroom Before and Durings.

Our master bathroom is a work in progress.  Here is the bathroom when we moved in:

After I painted and we replaced the sink, plus new shelves.

Most Current After.

On Saturday. Husband decided he couldn't handle the glass door anymore, unfortunately it was not a pretty removal.  He accidentally broke a door trying to get it out...

But it was worth it.  Once he got the doors out, he used a box cutter blade to scrape all the caulking off the tile. The only tools he used were a screw driver, and box cutter. And a hack saw because one of the screws rusted off so he had to cut it down.
Before we painted.
After we painted BEFORE removing the door.
After removing the door.
It makes the bathroom feel soooo much cleaner and bigger.

Please ignore Sonja's frog towel.

I went to Target to get the curtain rod, curtain and fixtures. Unfortunately, I had to buy NEW because it was a spur of the moment project...

Curtain Detail
Fixtures Detail

Final befores and afters... 

I still plan on repainting yet again, and maybe getting rid of those cheap shelves and getting a cabinet with a towel rack but for now, on our budget this bathroom is done.

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