Monday, April 11, 2011

Momma Monday no. 34

Cutest diaper cover! from Aunt Emily (from RaeGun on Etsy)

Monday we wanted to see our friend Brianna, who was visiting from Seattle, but it didn't work out :( Cupcake wore her cupcake of the month onesie B got her anyway though!
 I updated Sonja's wardrobe with all her 6 months clothes, even though a lot of her 3-6m clothes still fit.  Expect lots of photos of her clothes over the next few weeks!
 Thursday, Little Miss was coughing a lot so we made an appointment to see her naturopath on Friday morning.  And we joined her daddy for a little lunch at his office, a nice little treat because he works a little too far away for her to enjoy the car ride, but I decided it would be a good day to go since I didn't have to teach on Thursday this week.  I dressed her up in the Yankees onesie her grandpa got her since Husband and Grandpa work together.  Unfortunately, Husband has the cold I had last weekend, so our evening was a little lazy and we both went to bed early.

Friday, we went to her Naturopathic Doctor and I took the cutest picture of her sitting on the cork floor in her waiting room, but I accidently deleted it :( before uploading it.  Anyway, turns out that cough was a bit in her chest so it's good we went in.  We're both on probiotics now, so it should clear up by next week when we head back for her 6 month check up (2 weeks late).  And She is on Garlic ear drops which she does NOT like me sticking in her ear.  

Also, we had a mini photoshoot on Friday while we were both wearing plaid. Here's an in between shot when  Cupcake wasn't looking.

Saturday Morning was our farmer's market routine.  I picked up some cupcakes as usual and mine was lemon  flavor. so good.  Hubs got chocolate with cinnamon sugar frosting.
We spent the whole day at our friends Danny and Janay's helping with a wall project and Janay and I went thrifting!  I actually found a few good items and we came home to this:

Sunday, I finally made mint juleps! I've been wanting to use our mint plant for something fancy and after reading the Great Gatsby in high school I always wanted to try a mint julep.  Sonja helped me collect the mint and enjoyed her little mint stick for a good hour.  I had to wait to drink my julep until after a breastfeeding session (so the alcohol could filter out of my blood BEFORE the next session).  Just a word of warning, the recipe I used was strong! just ask my brother in law.  And while I was looking for recipes I found this.  Going to make them this weekend!

Finished Julep.

And, that was my week. hope you enjoyed my photos and captions, off to more blog editing and photo uploading.  

Happy Momma Monday!

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