Tuesday, May 31, 2011

D.I.Y. Handmade Exchange!

I have an idea and a goal. I want to introduce the idea of a Do It Yourself Handmade Exchange. There is only one rule; make something, trade it with someone else for something they made.

That's it.

Now, I want to suggest some guidelines, but not rules.  I would recommend that you establish a price range. My pieces either cost around $10 or would retail for about that amount.  Your pieces should be about the same if you're going to trade with me, I'd prefer if everyone who participates keeps a $10 minimum just to keep it fair.  I will make you something of my choice (maybe give you some input options) if you promise to send or make me something too.  

All you have to do is leave a comment with a way to contact you and I will follow up to exchange shipping info. with you via email.  

If you are local to the Phoenix area I might meet up with you to do a real life exchange.

If you conduct a D.I.Y. Handmade Exchange party please link up photos and ideas. This is my new project and I will revisit the idea and project frequently.  If you make something, anything share it with the people you know and love.

Use this button if you'd like to share the idea or concept, link back here and tell me about your successes. You don't have to directly participate with me, here, to be a part of this concept.  My goal is to get the idea out about sharing handmade items or foods with your community.  If you want it, here's the HTML for the button:

Happy D.I.Y. Handmade Exchanging!

Add your link below:


  1. I would be interested! This is a wonderful idea! Contact me by e-mail. ihaileyf@gmail.com

    (you are beautiful because you are made in the image of god)

  2. This sounds really cool! My email is exohmiamore@gmail.com


  3. Hey I hope you don't mind I featured this on my site and added the cutesy little button as well!


  4. of course I don't mind! that's the point :)
    I sent you an email by the way.

  5. Will be interested in doing rl xchange, once I hit 2sun :D


  7. i'm not sure if you're still doing this... but let's connect! btw, i'm currently holding a giveaway for my whole-hearted followers right now if you're interested too! either or, i'm still interested in the exchange :)



    1. Yes. let's exchange! I entered your wonderful giveaway and am now following! email me at DIYCupcake@yahoo.com so we can swap shipping info!


    2. i totally did not see this until now! smh! better late than never though :) i will email you! yay!!! so excited!


      pssst... msorothyd(at)yahoo.com