Monday, May 2, 2011

Momma Monday no. 37

Sonja has been moving and shaking!  Monday she stood up on her own, I mean she was sitting in the grass and then she was standing!  She's been getting pretty good at it too.  She actually concentrates and stares at you and smiles while she does it.  Very proud mama here!

She has also been squeeking and squeeling and making other great sounds.  She also does this thing where she tenses all up and grits her teeth when she's excited or wants something, it's pretty funny.

Oh and here's a funny one, Cupcake is scared of bathroom stalls (mostly because of automatic toilets and well, because, who isn't scared of those tiny dirty stall?!) and will only go potty in the sink when we're out in public... haven't had anyone ask me about it yet, but I have gotten the strange looks...

She loves being outside, and while we were outback on Monday a butterfly joined us, and fluttered around, Cupcake was super excited to see it and it even landed in the garden long enough for me to take a photo. Can you see him or her? Yellow and black between the green.

My mom bought her a ton of USED! clothes from Hissyfits and they're each so cute!

Speaking of cute clothes, I updated my Etsy shop with some clothes I made for Sonja and I'm going to be making little boy onesies too!

Too bad she won't hold still for a photo these days!

Mustache cut outs for the boy's onesies.

Tuesday I finally made it to Home Depot to get the paint I wanted for the dining room door.  I started painting it while Sonja watched.

Wednesday, my sister hung out with us and we went to Lush and Anthropologie (I know I said I wasn't going to buy anything new but I LOVE these plates!) and Lush is organic HANDMADE cosmetics (or hygiene products) so that doesn't count really, I am so excited to try my new shampoo bar!  Anyway, Little Miss Cupcake was a trooper she was patient and happy and calm for the majority of the experience.  My sister bought this book while at Anthro.
...and let me just tell you, Macarons are the new cupcakes at least that's what I'm predicting.  I've been craving one since 2 summers ago when we were in France and ate at Paul (you have to eat there if you're going to London or France!) Pistachio Macarons! Yes, please!

Thursday was my ceramics night. I usually feel like I get nothing done because I'm so stressed about Sonja and her milk situation.  BUT, this Thursday was the second to last class for glazing, so I had to get to work.  I glazed almost all of my pieces, talk about waiting until the last minute. I just have 2 more large pieces I will be "painting" on to finish next class.  And to make it even better I came home to a not fussing baby, and she had only drank one of the two bottles I left her!  I can not explain the guilt I feel when I come home and she's drank all her milk and crying.  Hopefully, we can repeat that night for the last few classes.

Friday, my sister and I met my mom for lunch.  Sonja was a fussy bug all morning, but once she saw Grandma she was happy as could be.  She was bouncing and laughing in Grandma's arms almost the whole lunch.  I was able to eat and take notes (I'm helping my mom plan a very large 50th birthday for herself).  This September she will be turning 50, my sister; 21 and Cupcake; 1.  Needless to say, I will be very busy over the next few months with my party planning and prep.  Be excited for some D.I.Y. party posts :)

When we got home from lunch we played out back for a while and eventually I was able to nurse Sonja to sleep in our bed.  While she was out, I folded laundry and caught up on all my internet activity.  It's so nice that she is napping now, and as much as I love her sleeping on my chest, I feel more accomplished and motivated when I can clean and organize our home.  I mean look at this difference!


Saturday we had our future sister in law's birthday dessert to go to at Oreganos, our wonderful friends Luke and Jess watched Sonja.  It was the first night we have left her home with someone while we went out.  It wasn't even a date, we were only gone for a little over an hour.  When I was expressing milk in the morning for that night Sonja snatched the bottle from me and started sucking, you can see from the photo the amount of experince she has with bottles.
She's doing it wrong.

Dessert was nice, although we didn't actually get to stay for the dessert... We showed up on time, but they waited to seat us til everyone was there and by then it was past nine so we had to leave.  I did get my Bellini though!  and we got our food to go.

I don't even care that my brother in law is photo bombing us because I love this photo!

Sunday, I had a headache but we played out back for a bit:

I love Lola.

And then, we played in room, 
Cupcake playing with chalk on her closet doors.  
(I drew the frame and wrote her name, she's not that good... yet)

After that, I was able to get a massage while Husband went to Cabella's with Cupcake. So thankful, I got a deep tissue adjustment in my shoulders and now I'm headache free!

When we got home we went out front,
Little Miss enjoys playing out front in the herb box.


Humming bird's flowers

Spinach blooming!

Ceramic Mushrooms I made (want some? stay tuned for a small giveaway)

Sunday night we enjoyed some home made pasta sauce and some Mad Men, overall a good week :)
Happy Momma Monday.!
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