Monday, May 9, 2011

Momma Monday no. 38

Sunday of last week (May 1st) our little Cupcake stood up on her daddy, stared deep into Lola's eyes and said, " 'Og " as is Dog?!  We both heard it clear as a bell and I think she's also comprehending Mama and Dada.  We're still working on sign language and she will sometimes sign milk if hungry or around me, not sure if she knows what it means fully, but it's still clear she's making the sign.  I've also introduced "up" into her vocab.  She currently is learning, milk, potty, more, and up for her sign language.  Any parents out there have suggestions of other key vocabulary words I should use??  suggestions welcome :)

Sonja also started clapping this week, it must be because while she was learning to stand last week we were constantly telling her good job and clapping.  This girl is too smart, it's actually bitter sweet for me.  I know she's going to grow up faster than I want no matter what, but seriously, this little girl is very active and smart and sometimes I get unnecessarily emotional about it all.

Outside time:

Tuesday, we went to Eats on Feets community meeting at Midwives Rising's new office! Did I ever tell you that I donated 30 ounces to a baby visiting from out of town a few weeks ago? Well, I did and it was a great feeling know a little sweet baby wouldn't be drinking any formula while on vacation.  She had some milk from her donor mama back in her home town but needed a bit extra while visiting.  She was adopted and although some mama's can't make milk themselves, in this case the mom induced lactation but it wasn't enough to feed her baby all by herself.  I felt great about sharing Sonja's milk with another baby.  
While we were at the EoF meeting there were 3 tiny babies in need of milk on the spot.  2 other mamas nursed them while I was there and I would have happily fed one myself, but I had to sneak out early.  It was a wonderful meeting full of love and respect.  The mamas that were sharing their milk made me cry, the moms asking for milk made me cry, the babies nursing from the donor mamas made me cry.  It was really great.  Not only is it great these babies won't have to drink formula (often causing gas, indigestion, fear of recalls, etc...) but they might actually be healthier than the babies who have one healthy nursing mama.  Some Eats on Feets recipient babies have as many as 18 donor mamas, think about all those antibodies they've received.  I want some other mums to feed Sonja for that fact alone!

Wednesday, Sonja and I went to an E.C. discussion group (click here to find out what that is!) and it was super fun talking to other local families about potty training and the pros and cons of EC.  It was a super great meeting, lots of hints, tips and suggestions.  I love that our midwives provide a community space for mums to meet up for various activities!

I introduced a new toy on Wednesday... metal mixing bowl.

Thursday, was a good day, our friend J.P. came over in the morning to help with our community garden.  Grandgela hung out with Cupcake while I taught Art that afternoon.  And Husband watched her while I was at Ceramics that night. 
Playing in the living room

She knows where her toys are...

...and isn't afraid to get them out!

Friday, we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens with some new friends. It was a great sunny day out and Cupcake seemed to have a great time with all the butterflies. 

Friday night, we headed to our new friend's art opening down town.  I miss going to art openings and painting myself... guess I'm going to have to work on that.  I should have more free time once ceramics finishes up :)

Saturday, we went to my cousin's baby shower hosted by my Aunt Jenny. 
Look at all this amazing food!

The shower was fun.  But, also, kind of hard for me to go to conventional events like that.  Mommy-to-be got a LOT of stuff and it's hard to see sooo much consumerism go into having a baby.  I know my family loves me and I love them, but I guess I'm always going to come off as the crazy, home birthing, baby wearing, exclusive breastfeeding, anti-vaccine mama.  Which, really, is fine with me, but I can't help feel like I offend or frustrate people, when they ask my opinion and I give it to them...  

After the shower we headed to Hissyfits (a gently used boutique) and I gave in and bought a stroller.  Well, my mom did.  It's just a little pop up one, for next time we go to the botanical gardens or festive events.  It was a little too hot to wear Cupcake at the garden, she was practically over heating by the time we left so I think this USED stroller will be good for such events.  
The USED stroller (unisex, just incase)

After Hissyfits was Lush and I may or may not have over done myself.  I love how fresh and sweet everything is there...
Moisturizing/Massage bar, 
2 Shampoo bars, shampoo tin, 
bath bomb, 2 soaps and 2 sample soaps!

After Lush, my mom and I made the mistake of going into White House Black Market... I came home with this: 

Thanks MOM!

I tried my Butterball Bath Balm Saturday night and it was super moisturizing!  on a side note, I can't wait until we can afford to redo our "guest" bathroom, the tub is over 50 years old and looks it.  That's my next BIG project.

Sunday was obviously mother's day and we spent the morning at the park.   Such a lovely warm day.  Notice Cupcake's hat?  yeah we got that at Hissyfits too (used, $3.50).
Testing out the "new" stroller, she seemed to enjoy it.

My version of Church and Communion.
Outside; breaking and sharing of bread and something to drink.

Daddy Napping

That baby loves standing!

After the park and some housework we went to the Hub.'s parents house.
We all wore polka dots! Accidentally matching is my superpower.

My mother's day flowers from Nonnie

Angela's flowers from Nonnie

My sister in law and soon to be house mate, Emily, made cake pops!

...And on that note, happy Momma Monday! 


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  3. My goodness, how big she is getting!