Monday, May 16, 2011

Momma Monday no. 40

I've been a lazy blogger this week and haven't kept track of my weekly activities but I did take lots of photos as always so I can reflect that way :)

Little Miss loves looking in the mirror.

Ducks at the Park.

Some Geese too!

Play date with our new friends.

Went to Godiva for some FREE trouffles.

I got the Pistachio one!

Also, stopped in Crate and Barrel with my sister and found these!

Cupcake Cookies coming right up!

Naked baby play time.

Ceramics final, LOVE this classmates work!

1st Attempt at Macarons.
They weren't as good as Paul's but they were good!

Cupcake almost crawled off the bed, so I lined it with pillows and when she awoke from her next nap I found her lying on a purple pillow on all fours!  good thing I lined the perimeter so well! 

p.s. there's a baby inside of that center pillow pile :)

Standing! or  esta levantandose (if you're practicing your spanish, which we are)

My green onion replant is blossoming!

Playing out back.

Standing out back.

Brut in the grass. Love this pup.

This is what morning looks like on the weekends.
From left to right, Brut's head, Hubs, Lola on her back, a baby arm and leg,  and me in the center bottom.  Good thing we have a cal king.
Got the ground done... now I just have to actaully start the painting.

At the park, Daddy hiding the baby.

Playing with my hat.

Big Duck.

Little duck.

Picking out paint samples for a friend.

... and that my friends is what my week looks like, but in fun filters thanks to vingette for droids :)
Happy Momma Monday!

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