Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My daughter pees in the toilet and other reasons I get weird looks.

What's it really like being a crunchy, earthy mama?  Well usually, it just consists of me whipping out my boob in public and sometimes it's me getting my 8 month old to the bathroom so she can use IT instead of her diaper.

From the moment I told people we were having a home birth, I've been battling "the stare".  It's not so much a smile as it is a forced non frown.   "Oh... that sounds... interesting." They always say. Usually, followed by a hundred questions about what could go wrong in labor.  All of which I answered without hesitation. After the questions is the "fact" I wouldn't be able to do it all natural, and why should I?  The medication makes it so much more convenient, but I don't know anyone who signed up for parenting because it's convenient.  My entire pregnancy felt like a physiology internship.  I was always explaining my choices and my body.

Now that my little bug is 8 and a half months old, I'm continuing with the Q&A.  But in a more friendly and curious way. 
"She pees in the toilet?!" "How is that possible?" 
It's possible, because, I hold her over it, I say.  I've been using Elimination Communication (a fancy way of saying infant potty training) since my daughter was 3 months old.  You can find out more about it herehere and here.

Not only are we potty training, but I'm also still breastfeeding.  People are starting to ask us when I'll be giving her real food.  Then, when I give her real food, as in uncut up and unpureed food, they ask; "Can she eat that?!"  

Its been a fun adventure doing things against the grain, I've had some great conversations with mamas online and in real life about the choices we're making for our daughter and the life we want her to live. 

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