Saturday, June 4, 2011

Garden Update!

um, our garden exploded!
Butternut squash took OVER!

Freshly planted spinach (and the ultra invasive grass I can't get rid of)

Butternut Squash

Up closer.

My carrots, being suffocated by the butternut squash.


Just starting to bud!

Yay! we eat a LOT of broccoli 

Cucumber finally taking off...

Cucumbers starting to bloom.

More broccoli, on the 2nd plot, planted later in the season.

Eggplant! just got a flower on these guys last week, hopefully some fruit to follow.

Our Shadows and the Zucchini, planted in the 2nd plot, doing WELL!
see for yourself below.

Little Zucchini.

Tomato plant NOT from seed.  Would be doing better if Lola didn't eat them off the vine :(

It's got ears but they weren't ripe last time I pulled one off, lots of the kernels looked dehydrated (any advice?) 

Watermelon planted just a few weeks ago.

Sonja loves picking the veggies with me:
Some seriously large zucchini

Also, my midwife's assistant, Tracy, just posted this on facebook: sprout robot.  It's a website that tells you when to plant what, based on your location.  Isn't that awesome!

So, now you know, an ORGANIC garden can be easily maintained, even in the desert.  BEST part? no e coli recalls!

Happy Gardening!

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