Thursday, June 30, 2011

Half Years Resolution.

I meant to post this at the beginning of June, but since I forgot, I waited until the end.  A FULL 6 months since I posted my goals for 2011

So how am I doing and what are my new goals? 

1. Smile more (I don't do this nearly enough, for how happy I really am), adding to be more thankful for what I have
2. Take my dogs (and daughter) on more walks. fail.  Going to commit to one walk a week!
3. Create more works of art, painting, ceramics and such  took a ceramics class, not as creative as I wanted but I am creating more than I was right after my little Cupcake was born!
4. Be a better teacher, be more prepared, more knowledgeable, more engaging. Well it's summer now, so I don't have to worry about this one. But I do think I was successful with my students this year.
5. Continue on my coffee-less lifestyle until at least march 2011.  I am now drinking my coffee again, and I'm adding lots of home brewed tea to my daily routine. My new goal is to drink one ball jar of tea a day.
6. Make my Etsy store a success.  Well what does success mean? I sold a few items!  so now I just need to keep it up.
7. Post more D.I.Y. projects on this blog. This is a constant goal.
8. Nurture our garden into edible food. DONE!
9. Practice my self defense techniques, shooting, knife skills and hand to hand.  Need to do this!
10. Continue saving $$ for summer (paycheck-less) and for traveling.  Ugh, I hate money.
11. Eat Better, MORE veggies/complete proteins/organic produce and LESS sugar/sucanat.  Still working on this, it's a lifestyle change so I'm not sure it will ever get crossed off.
12. Go to Yoga at least once a week. In Progress, although it's been more like once every other week.
13. Practice languages; Spanish, Russian, German, Italian. Working on the others...
14. Be a better mom (including holding Sonja Sweetness more, teach her more, stop being lazy) I think I'm doing good with this one.  We're still breastfeeding, I hold her a lot, I am not as lazy as I was when I wrote this, so cross it off?  yes. Stop working on it? no.
15. Be a better wife (including cooking more, cleaning more, say thank you more and the such) I just got done folding ALL the clothes in my home, and balancing the checkbook.  I think I'm doing pretty good, but I'll attempt to be better at it always!

1. Balance teaching, working from home and crafting while being a mom.
2. Cook dinner once a week, to give Husband a break and for my own mental health, I miss cooking since he took over.
3. Line dry my clothes again!  I got lazy when Cupcake arrived and reverted back to the dryer, but I'm going to utilize this Arizona sun for something if it kills me!
4. Finish my various refurb. projects I've invested in by the end of the summer!
5. Complete the party planning and decor. revolving around Cupcake's 1st birthday. September 24th will be here before I know it!

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