Friday, June 10, 2011

Where's the D.I.Y.?!

So, if you're a new follower, or new to D.I.Y. Cupcake, you might be like? WTF? Where's the cupcakes?  Where's the D.I.Y.s?  Well I apologize, I've been so busy being a mom {Very D.I.Y by the way!} that I haven't done any major projects lately. BUT! that's about to change!

Readers, Meet the newest editions to my Dining Room Family:
Chairs, Meet Blog.

I've been searching for wood, fabric seat cushion chairs for months now!

Driving home from swimming on Friday, I drove past a yard sale and did a quick u-turn when I glimpsed these bad boys out of the corner of my eye.  I wanted a bunch of miscellaneous chairs in my dining room with various colors and fabric patterns so you can imagine my excitement when I saw these.  Also, I had a $5 a chair budget, because my friend Janay ALWAYS find cute, used items for $5 and I knew it could be done.  These were only $4 each!!  

Now, here's where the interaction begins.  I have 2 options.

1. Paint these chairs black to match the dining room table, and put a damask fabric on them. Like this:


2. Paint each one different colors to match my bookself {which is color coordinated} and give each chair it's own personality with it's own fabric. Like this:

Please vote on the sidebar on the top right! 
Thank you!

In the mean time, here's a few close ups of my new additions: 
Love the positive and negative space on the backs of these chairs

and the legs have nice detail too.

Here's the before of the cushions. (yuck!)

Happy Chair Hunting!


  1. they are lovely! Great find!! I vote each in a different color although I do like the idea of same color with different fabrics too :)

  2. I also vote to let me help!!!!!!

  3. A. I've got SEVERAL projects you can help me with. I have "new" night stands, an entire dining room table set AND the chairs. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed :)