Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Momma Monday No. 45

So how was my week? you tell me...

Monday the 27th we enjoyed our last day in San Diego.  We slept in (as much as new parents can expect) and waited for my Sister, Brittany’s flight to get in.  Once my Dad returned with her to our beach house with her friend Hope, he made breakfast.  They got semi settled from the flight and then the ladies (my mom, sister; Brandy, sister; Brittany, Hope and Myself) headed off for pedicures.  We had to wait until Monday of our trip, my last day, because it was the only time all of us were able to be in town due to our various schedules.

After the pedicures I was set on a cup of handcrafted coffee, unfortunately after returning to the beach house, attending to the various children, packing and attempting to find a coffee shop I gave up.  I was tired, frustrated and disappointed but I knew I could get my daily dose on the way out of town.  We headed back to the beach house and said our goodbyes to the rest of the family and loaded up the car.  I thought about booking a flight to return (my mom offered to buy) after my herbal tea class Tuesday morning and realized how dramatic I was being and said goodbye to the ocean (at least until August). 

We left around 4pm and Cupcake fell asleep rather quickly and only awoke as we exited the 8 into Yuma.  We stopped at Starbucks and In’n’Out for dinner, allowing for a leisurely break from the car.  Once we started back on the drive it was about an hour before she fell asleep again. 

Finally, we got home.  Unfortunately, our dog Lola had appeared to have been bitten by a black widow, in a most inconvenient place, so after changing our sheets which she had destroyed and after Husband cleaned her up; we were FINALLY able to fall asleep around 12:30.  Why is it that you always feel like you need a vacation when you return from one?!

The only reason I came home on Tuesday was because I wanted to attend the Herbal Tea Class at Midwives Rising from The Herb Mother.  I'm glad I did because I got a lot of great information and ideas.  Like saving and drying lemon and orange peels, grinding them up and adding them to homemade teas!   Also, Latisha made the whole concept of growing, finding, picking and drying your own herbs sound so simple, I think I'm going to start! After my lovely herb mama class I had to pick up dad from the airport.  A simple task that earned me and extra $30 bucks.  I told him he didn't have to pay me, but he insisted so I used the money on dinner.  (I was too exhausted to go grocery shopping!)  After running the morning errands I attempted to do laundry... too bad our washing machine had other thoughts in mind.  It decided to stop working mid wash, and we haven't been able to get it to start again.  Laundry at my parents' house this week, I guess.  4th of July sales sounding good to anyone else right about now?

On Wednesday, we went to the Phoenix Children’s Museum with K&R, we stayed in the 3 and under room, but there was so much to do!  The kids played for about an hour, before we headed out.

Wednesday was also Aunt Emily's Birthday. We celebrated at Nonnie's with dinner and cake.

I taught a class on Thursday for Young Rembrandts!  It's been over a year since I've taught for them.  I love drawing with kids, going to have to see if I can take on any classes this fall...

Friday was our swimming day with Uncle Wayne, Aunt Emily joined us too.

Lunch at Green with Vanessa after, yum.
We ran into some other friends while eating, always a nice surprise. pictured above clockwise, Balsamic Picnic Salad, JP and Sonja, Sonja Snacking and Eggless Roll.

During Nap time I finally finished editing photos for a lovely mama to be! Now I just have to finish the rest of images for Mumby and make sure all my up and coming posts are finished.
Open mic night at Midwives Rising was small but sweet.  Mani recited some spoken word and a young man played the guitar.  We headed home for some Lemon Drops and The Departed (a classic in our home).

Our usual routine on Saturday was disrupted by Husband's headache, but I didn't let that stop Sonja and I (and Uncle Wayne) from heading to the farmer's market and getting some sweet eats.  It was super hot, so after returning home we took a little rest.  Then we were off to Target for a new broom (I know we're wild!) and while I was out I got some sparklers for our 4th BBQ.  Sprouts was crazy busy, I forgot what grocery shopping on the weekend looked like, I got everything on my list except puff pastry (goat cheese and apple tart anyone?!).  Cupcake fell asleep on the ride home, thank god, I felt terrible for making her brave the heat with me, couldn't handle hearing her complaints about the car seat too.
Got home and unloaded the groceries, ate a quick lunch and brewed the rest of the oats that the Herb Mother  gave me. (pictured immediately after I added boiling water, the tea is a beautiful gold color when steeped).

Our friend's Luke's Birthday Dinner was Saturday night at Macayo's, thankfully, Husband was feeling better by then.

Sunday was a day of preparation.  We're having a BBQ for the fourth and I wanted to make sure everything was tidy.  I cleaned as much as I could around the house.  While Cupcake and Hubs watched some SOA, I started a D.I.Y. project to help declutter the dining room my project storage room. (photos soon!). Dinner and the evening were kind of a nightmare though.  Husband attempted a new recipe for butternut squash and sage pizza, but he tried using a crust recipe that called for yeast and after 2 attempts without the results he wanted, he decided to make quiche instead.  I went outside and picked some broccoli and he made a yummy meal.  How cool is that?! no last minute trips to the store, just to the garden!  I love it.  After I got the broccoli though, I went to take out the compost and a beetle landed on me, which would have been awesome if I hadn't flinched and threw the ceramic compost bin, shattering it into a bunch of little shards all over our freshly swept patio.  And if that wasn't enough for me to clean up the front screen blew open while my mom stopped by and slammed into the daises I had growing also shattering the pot.  lots of clean up for us, Sunday.  but I 've got my daughter in bed next to me and my Husband about to sit down next to me for dinner, nothing to complain about here.

p.s. my phone wasn't uploading images for the past few weeks so here are some randoms...

yes, that's Lola in Sonja's cage.

playing on Daddy's dresser.

This is the loudest metal bowl we own.

Anniversary flowers, taller than Sonja.

Happy Momma Monday!

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