Monday, July 11, 2011

Momma Monday No. 46

Or what happens when everyone including baby gets sick...

Thursday night. dinner. Husband jokes about giving Cupcake a bite of our quiche. Then does.
Thursday night. after dinner, shower.  Sonja throws up entire contents of stomach all over my bed.  acts normal.
Thursday night. after bedtime.  Throws up again, restless doesn't want to sleep.
TN. midnight.  Still throwing up every time she eats. ALL OF IT.
TN, technically Friday Morning. 3:00am. Holding down TINY amount of milk, sleeping.  I sleep.

Friday Morning.  Wake up.  Cupcake is doing alright but not great, around mid morning nap maybe 10 or 11am, we lay down for our mid morning feeding and nap.  She throws up again.  a lot.  goes limp and goes to sleep.  I call the doctor.  She agrees to see me on her lunch break and I hold Little Miss in my arms while she sleeps.
Friday afternoon, we go to the doctor, she checks her out and we add electrolytes, probiotics and attempt to use donor milk, because we think this is still a reaction to the egg.
Friday night.  Still throwing up although, she is holding SOME of my milk down, she drink 2 oz of electrolytes from a bottle but doesn't want any donor (egg-less) milk.  I have no appetite and skip dinner.
Friday bed time, she is still getting sick, still no fever but I'm starting to feel sick too.  I text her doctor and she calls me back.   I gave her some children's tylenol and the Dr. recommends a "vinegar pack."   Little Miss doesn't throw up again for the rest of the night, Husband and I get some sleep.

Saturday morning.  I have a headache.  I sleep.  Husband hangs out with Sonja, she appears to be fine.  I nurse Cupcake to sleep mid morning and he goes to the farmer's market.
Saturday afternoon.  Neither Husband nor I are feeling great, but presume it's from taking care of sick baby.
Saturday evening.  We have family over for dinner, neither of us eat.  I attempt to nurse Cupcake.  She does fine then after 20 hours of appearing fine, projectile vomits all over the kitchen floor in front of our guests.
Saturday night.  Husband and I are feeling worse, Sonja appears fine.  I nurse her to sleep but give her a vinegar pack just in case.
Saturday late night.  Husband vomits.  Then goes to sleep.
Saturday throughout the night.  Cupcake comfort nurses and I have panic attacks about her throwing up again.

Sunday morning.  Sonja wakes us up.  Hubs and I feel tired.  We get up for a bit, eat breakfast and then return to bed. I nurse Sonja back to sleep and we all sleep until 11:45am.
Sunday afternoon.  We all appear to be healthy.
Sunday midnight. Sonja vomits all over our freshly washed sheets.  Goes back to sleep.

Monday (today). Appearing normal and healthy.  I hope this time it lasts!

Lessons Learned:
1. do not give baby egg.  wait until at least a year!  no matter what, even if not allergic it's not worth it! we don't think this is what caused her to be sick but it probably didn't help.
2. keep baby hydrated, if vomiting milk attempt to cup feed electrolytes.
3. keep house well stocked with ginger tea (to help soothe upset adult tummies), vinegar (for vinegar pack), and gentle foods like oatmeal and brown rice.
4. take your probiotics BEFORE you get sick, I took mine and I never threw up, Husband didn't and he did.
5.  to soothe an upset tummy, attempt a vinegar pack; rub vinegar directly onto the upset tummy, cover with plastic wrap (no logo-ed bags, they'll transfer the image onto the skin), then top with a heating pad or warm wet towel.  I think this is what really helped Sonja sleep through the night.  Obviously, you must monitor both the heat on the tummy, and the plastic wrap for suffocation hazards.

Hope everyone was healthier than us.  Happy Momma Monday!
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  1. Oh my, how horrible! I'm sorry your weekend wasn't grand! BOO! I wasn't aware of a "vinegar pack" really works huh??

  2. I think it worked, at least a little, husband tried to use it too, but with a full tummy of spaghetti it didn't help enough. I used it too, vinegar on my stomach only (no plastic or heat) just to see and I think it did, a little. Worth a shot right?