Monday, July 18, 2011

Momma Monday No. 47

Monday was our first day feeling healthy.  I am so thankful for our health and am continually making an effort to keep us fighting off the germs.  Probiotics, lots of garlic, manuka honey (NOT for babazies under 1 year) are just a few of my tricks.  We enjoyed the day lounging around the house and napping.

Tuesday was a  little bit rougher.  I was still overwhelmed with recovering from the flu week, and I missed my Herb class.  I was so upset!  I know it was probably for the best since we JUST got better and forcing Sonja to be out and about would have been risky, but I really, REALLY loved my Herb Mama classes! 

In regards to feeling better; Sonja has recovered from the flu but part of that is a sensitive digestive track, her stomach was adjusting and resuming pooping.  Unfortunately, her poop was a gold, yes, gold, color and clay like.  It bothered her quite a bit and she cried for at least 5-10 minutes all three times.  Wiping was the worst, because her poor bottom was inflamed.  (p.s. I know that sometimes this Real Talk freaks some non-parent friends of mine out, but I feel like I have an obligation to discuss the not so cute things that are part of being a parent)

Otherwise, we were back to normal... Until bed time, when she was doing her acrobatic nursing session and attempted a head stand and ended up rolling into my face, splitting my lip wide open.

Wednesday was a BUSY day. I took my mom to the airport in the morning, then rushed home to meet a student and do a private art lesson.  My sister watched Little Miss while I tutored.  After that, we headed to Lux for coffee, Midwives Rising for open hours, Town and Country Farmer's Market for a few much needed items, handcrafted honey and balsamic, and then to Scottsdale Fashion Square for our monthly Godiva freebie, baby TOMS for Cucpake and an Anthro. splurge, the first of many, I just found out I have access to an Anthro. DISCOUNT!! 

I've been waiting MONTHS to get these items, and unexpected paycheck did the trick!

Turns out my mom got sick on the flight to MI, I bet she wishes she hadn't stopped by to bring me lunch while I was taking care of a sick baby.  Sonja brought down, Daddy, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Gretchen and Grandma with her stomach bug. Yuck!

On Thursday Sonja and I went to work.  Like, real work, like the job I was doing while pregnant work.  I was working for my uncle while pregnant as his office manager.  After Cupcake arrived, I realized how unrealistic it would be to pay someone to watch her while I worked and pumped.  So, I stopped.  But now that Little Miss is a bit older and more independent; we tried out bringing her to the office with me, while I took care of some much needed organizing and managing.  We were there for about 3 hours and she slept for about 1 and 1/2 of them.  I think the arrangement might actually work for some extra cash for our household and a little less stress for my uncle.  

Friday, we returned to our normal swim schedule with Uncle Wayne.  Since Cupcake was sick last week, we skipped it.  This week, she was so comfortable with the water; I was actually able to dunk her!  I counted, 1.2.3. blew in her face, then dipped her in and out.  She hardly reacted, and didn't cry at all!  So excited for her to become a little fish in the water.

I LOVE this swimsuit but it's 3 years old and I really wish I could afford a new one...

Friday night we headed to Interdependent an art opening at The Eye Lounge, I loved a few of the pieces and so did Sonja.

The Modified.

Saturday we went to the Phoenix Public Market, and got some fresh veggies! 
Then came home and relaxed...

On Sunday we went grocery shopping.  Is it just me or is everyone else spending $200 on food a week?! My garden is transitioning for fall and everything is dying.  We've been seriously over budget for the past few weeks now.  After breaking the bank we headed home and Hub's parents stopped by. Cupcake got some quality time and I got a mini break.  During nap time, I attempted to back up my computer and realized I couldn't find my hard drive... freaking out a little.  Sunday evening it was Soba Noddles for dinner and Gelato Spot with friends.

I even gave Sonja a little bite of my Dairy Free Pineapple gelato.
She loved it, of course.

In other Sonja news, she is loving sticking out her tongue back and forth and waits for you to do the same.  She is dancing and singing with music.  She is giving kisses and hugs without being asked.  She smacks her lips together and prefers you do the same (as if you were making a "ba" or "pa" sound).  She has also been exploring everything, pulling down books wherever she can find them and opening all the kitchen cabinets.  She is mastering her throwing and tossing skills.  She is running! Her favorite song is Johnny Cash's Devil's right hand.  She still has no teeth.
New vacuum = new box = new toy.

She is also doing her darnedest to rip this mirror off the wall...

Happy Momma Monday!

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