Friday, July 29, 2011

Slow Down! There's No Need to Thrush...

Friday Morning, it was confirmed.  Something, I've been dreading.  Something, I didn't want to jump to conclusions about.  Something, I didn't want to speculate about.

Something, I didn't want; Thrush.

It all started Thursday when my friend Jaime asked if Little Miss Cupcake just ate something, she was playing with dried flowers so I assumed that's what she was talking about, until I looked at her mouth and saw white.  Which isn't abnormal for her.  White milk stained tongue?  She drinks a lot of milk.  So, I said as much.

Then at lunch, with my mom, I mentioned the story and asked if it looked white to her too.
And her response, "Oh, because of like, Thrush? you mean?"
"uh... fuck... no.  that's not what I mean, you think it could be thrush?.... It's totally thrush. fuck. fuck. fuck.  maybe it's not maybe it's just white from the milk...."

I went about my day going back and forth with my diagnosis, you see? I'm a hypochondriac and googling medical conditions will just lead me to believe I'm pregnant with A.I.D.S. Anyway, while swimming with Wayne (my BIL) I saw Sonja laugh and not just smile but open mouth laugh, and that's when I saw it, the inner cheek patches of white.  Lots of white, the buckle pads in her cheeks where clumps of white. Fuck.  Thrush.

That's when I busted out google.  Thankfully, Dr. Sears has a pretty helpful write up on Thrush. Although, I'm still pretty overwhelmed with how to tackle this.  Going to have to pick up some Acidophilus tonight, but I'm starting on probiotics in my fridge right now, not sure if it will help but it's all I have.  Going to have to rub vinegar on my boobs and wash everything in my house in boiling hot water.  I'm so not good at keeping things from being chewed on, but once she chews on it, it re-infects it and I have to start all over again.

I'll update you when I win the battle, but for now, please send your positive anti-thrush thoughts my way.

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