Monday, August 15, 2011

Momma Monday No. 51

This was the kind of week that knocked me on my ass. I'm still surprised I'm standing at the end of it.  I didn't blog at all because I was sick, but I'll update this post eventually with the pros and cons of my week, just wanted to get something up for those of you who check in for Momma Monday.

Not so Good
Throwing up.
Feeling too weak to eat.
Feeling too weak to get up.
Breastfeeding while feeling too weak.
Having to depend on someone else to watch Sonja.
Wishing husband could read my mind, but he couldn't.
Not getting any treatment for Thrush while I was sick and waking up with cracked and blistered nipples.
Sonja not getting as much treatment for Thrush while I was sick and having it come back a little in her mouth.
Missing photographing a newborn baby, and sending my sister to take pictures for me, because I was sick.
Missing SAHM group meet ups.
Missing fun time with my sister on Wednesday, because she was watching Sonja while I selpt.
Missing a FREE permaculture lecture on Wednesday.
Missing meeting with my aunt to plan my mom's birthday because I wasn't feeling great.
Fighting with Husband because taking care of a sick wife and working all week isn't a good time.
Sonja getting stung by a bee, falling off the couch and being more than usual fussy.

Sonja is signing milk!
Husband and I went on a real date (well, day date) to see Harry Potter 7.2 finally.
I feel better!
Husband's cooking is a serious pick me up!
My family surprised me yet again with their willingness to take care of me.
My friends, offering moral support when I was on the verge on a breakdown.
did I mention I'm feeling better? I am!

So the "good" list is shorter, but it weighs a hell of a lot more.  I'm glad everything ended on a good note, because I need to be posi for this week.  I've got a lot going on and my aunt is getting married on Friday!  So we're busy busy over here, getting ready for that.  Photos and stories to come :)

Happy Momma Monday!

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  1. Ugh! No fun being sick, but glad to hear you feel better! Hope this next week is MUCH easier!!