Sunday, September 25, 2011

D.I.Y. Pasta Sauce

Everyweek my husband makes pasta sauce from scratch and while it does take a while it's totally worth it. BUT this past week I read a great trick for saving time.  Blend the tomatoes.  Brilliant.  Here he had been boiling, peeling and seeding them {and loosing lots of nutrients by doing so} and all he had to do was blend them?!

So here's what you'll need:
10-20 organic tomatoes {serves about 3-4 people}
fresh basil
organic onion chopped
olive oil
garlic chopped
various other seasoning of your choice, including thyme, rosemary and more.

What you'll do with it:
Start by heating up a splash of olive oil in a pot and adding chopped garlic 
{medium heat is best to not burn the garlic}.
Chop tomatoes into fourths, discard any unwanted parts the stem or bruises.
Fill blender up half way with tomatoes.
Once well blended, or a tomato smoothie is made, pour into hot pot with the garlic and oil.
Repeat until all the tomatoes are blended  and added to the pot.
Add chopped garlic.
Add basil and other seasoning.
Let simmer on low for several hours.
Once all the water is extracted you will have a thick sauce that looks like what you buy at the store, heat up your pasta and serve.


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