Friday, September 30, 2011

Downloading Fonts

So, this weekend I had a few minutes to myself, and as I have been working on personal event invitations over the past month I realized I needed to dress up my font choices, so I downloaded a lot.  These are some of my favorites. Click the image to download it yourself, and at the bottom of this post I've included instructions for installing a font on a windows PC {I'm not lucky enough to have a mac, yet}

{my favorite font from picnik!}

and while I was searching for fonts I found this, this and this.  

To install;
Open "Download' folder
Select the newly downloaded fonts
Right click
Select "Extract All"
Open "Control Panel"
Open "Fonts" Folder
Copy the extracted font documents into your "Fonts" folder.
You many need to restart your computer after intalling them into the "fonts" folder, but I did not.

Happy Font Downloading!

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