Thursday, September 22, 2011

Link Love no. 3

I'm not saying there's a right or a wrong, but I do believe there is a CHOICE and why not let that little boy make the choice once he's older, if you choose to cut, he can NEVER undo it.

why you might not need a STD vaccine for a newborn, or at least why this mom thinks not.

I might have to have another baby just to use these baby shower invites!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE paper-source and this is my favorite paper at the moment.  Always accepting gifts ;)

Women {and Men} you are NOT crazy, you are not over reacting.  This culture is crazy this culture is destructive, this culture wants you to feel like you're the problem.

Almost time for us to decorate for Halloween around here!

Going to do this with the bread bags you can't recycle at the store, maybe make some shade for the garden, or as a giant "canvas" base....

Can we all stop being so wasteful and start being awesome?

Can not stop laughing. (tumblr is not very source friendly sorry, please take credit for this if it's yours)

sweet use of mod podge and cookie cutters!

My belly (and my photography project) mentioned here.  How cool is that?

Why I hate our culture/society/government, no woman should be forced to labor and deliver a baby with her legs shackled together, not only for her safety but for that of the baby's! and what of that of a healthy breastfeeding relationship. I am in tears over this.  And all because of a non-violent "crime"

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  1. Which plastic bags can't be taken to the store recycling centers? From what I know, you can recycle those bread bags at the grocery stores. I've been doing it for a long time. Here's a link I shared in a post awhile back about recycling plastic bags: