Monday, September 12, 2011

Momma Monday No. 55

Or, a week of temper tantrums...

This week has been a very different week for my usually sweet baby.  I'm going to blame it on her teeth, even though, I have a feeling it's really just her independence surfacing.

It's been happening in her car seat for a while now, but not like this.  Every time I walk to the car and she sees her seat, she starts crying.  Not really a cry, more of a fuss,  like, "You're not seriously thinking about strapping me in there, are you?  ARE YOU?!"  and while I drive I'm occasionally surprised with a blood curtailing scream that I can only imagine is accompanying her "excited" face {which has recently become her frustrated face}.  Let's just say I've been limiting the car rides.

The next place I experienced her tantrums, was on a grocery shopping trip with my sister in law at Whole Foods.  Normally, grocery shopping is what I look forward to with Little Miss Cupcake.  We get out of the house, usually sample a few snacks, walk around, it really is such a good time. But not this time.  She wanted to push the cart, which is fine, and I let her.  The problem was when we'd stop, and I'd hold the cart.  She'd get frustrated it wasn't moving and start yelling/fussing.  Luckily, my SIL was there with me and able to pick her up and sort of distract her for a minute.

Next was at the office.  I have been bringing her to the office for weeks now and normally, she keeps herself entertained.  Not this time.  This time it was hell.  She wanted to RUN down the hall, sneak in the boss' office, slam drawers and nurse all at once.  Needless to say, I left after an hour and am dreading bringing her again.

The other fits at home are not so embarrassing, more just annoying. "No you can not climb that bookshelf" is coming out of my mouth a lot more than I imagined it would, along with, "No, you may not eat that dog food" and "Please, do not play drums on the toilet." All met with tears of frustration when I relocate and attempt to entertain her.

Finally, the last place I'd expect her to be temper tantruming, Midwives Rising.  Normally, she has such a good time there with the other babies.  But they have stairs, you see? and this baby loves climbing them.  Her mother {me} does not.  So after about 3-5 trips up the stairs, I say "all done." but we're not all done, are we?  We're just starting, starting the stomps, tears, banging.  I mean, MR is my place of solitude, like minded mamas, baby proofed pillow room, snacks and teas.  I know this is a phase, or at least, I hear it is; but I'm over it and I'm hoping she get over it soon too.

adventures in fit throwing?  leave me some comments with advice please.

Happy Momma Monday.

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  1. My only advice is be consistent. If something is not ok, make sure she knows the rules. And also, welcome to toddlerhood. I'd like to say it gets better, but it sort of gets worse before it starts getting better. Baby signs can help. I think knowing too that these instances WILL be happening more frequently, it will help you stay calm. Good luck and know you're not alone!!