Friday, October 21, 2011

D.I.Y. Vaccines

Okay, so when I say D.I.Y. I DO NOT mean do the vaccine yourself, I mean do the RESEARCH yourself!

Buy books, check out reputable sources on the internet, use your common sense!

Doctor Sears has a lot of information about vaccines and suggested vaccine schedule.

From what I've read and what we choose to do was not vaccinate our sweet newborn with Hepatitis B.  It's common in the hospital setting {one of many reasons for our homebirth} This shot can cause fever, lethargy and poor feeding - which of course means difficulties breastfeeding, which can snowball into more serious issues of breastfeeding interuption causing more challenges for mama and baby.  And WHY does a newborn need a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease?!  maybe.. wait, if you're worried s/he will be exposed to the disease.

Delaying vaccines and breaking them up into separate appointments is also a great option for those considering vaccines.  Maybe give that tiny body a break by not doing all the normal shots according to the vaccine schedule.  You can say no to one and yes to another. 

"By only giving two vaccines at a time (instead of as many as 6), I decrease the chance of chemical overload from grouping so many vaccines chemicals all together at once. This allows a baby's body to better detoxify the chemicals one or two at a time."-Dr. Sears

You can do research on which ones are most likely to benefit your family and which ones don't.  You can request preservative free vaccines as well.  The thought of putting formaldehyde into my baby's body makes me sick, so of course if I do choose to do a common vaccine it will be preservative free.

Another wonderful option for children as they approach booster age is to do a titer, which checks the blood immunity level.  They might already have the immunity and therefor NOT need the booster.  This is a more costly and time consuming process, but I think if we choose to start vaccinating for ANYTHING we would choose this before getting boosters.

sources and sites here, here, here and here.  Others are linked in various other parts of this post.  Some of the sites I looked at were mommy blogs and some were doctor blogs, either way I read A LOT about the subject and decided for myself what was absurd, and what was logical, scientific and/or informative.  I invite you do to the same.  Research ALL of your options for you child before choosing to go with the flow and do what's best for your  family's health.  

I also attended a lecture at Babymoon Inn with Dr. Wazny from My Integrative Health. If you're in the Phoenix area, you could get lots of great information from him or find out if babymoon Inn is having more lectures anytime soon {I "like" them on facebook and get lots of updates when they're holding FREE seminars and classes}.  I found a lot of his information on the subject really comforting, in our home the need for vaccines is very low.  And each family needs to know several facts about themselves before deciding what is best, are the family members exposed to certain factors, do they smoke, and more.  If you're not in the phoenix area I suggest you google an N.M.D. in your area.  They will probably charge you for their time, but it's worth the knowledge I promise!

Good Luck.  

Disclaimer; I'm a blogger, not a doctor.  I'm not giving medical advice, just sharing my parenting experiences.  Please check with your health care provider before doing anything I mention.  Happy Healing.

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