Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...

and Fall-O-Ween too.

Last night we hosted a small Fall and Halloween themed dinner party with some great friends and family.  And even though few people couldn't make it, we still had a good time.  Below are a few lot of images with a few simple D.I.Y.s mixed in.  Enjoy!

Party Prep. Non Toxic, soy based ink to decorate napkins.

Pre-pot luck, what we made.

Hand Cut out tortilla chips.
Using cookie cutters, cut out tortilla shapes, bake for 10-15 minutes at 350* F

Cut out bowl size hole in pumpkin, insert. EASY!

One of my favorite snacks.

a little spooky display for you.
{Deocrating Trick! print out pretty images you find online and frame them, 
everyone will ask you where you got them!}

front yard, pumpkins are still a work in progress.
Hanging bat candle holder from my mom.

and mr. bones too!

Close up of my terrifying tortilla chips.

yogurt pretzels {store bought}

The Full Table
Pot Luck!

from Luke and Jess

from Ian

from Wayne and Gretchen

Spooky drink station, needed some webs, oh well.

Eating time! 

Kiddos playing.

Sitting down to eat.

After Dinner Dessert Game: 
Donuts on a rope.

No hands. 
whoever finishes first wins. 
donuts can not touch the floor. 
and the winner is...  
Matt, with a mouth full of vegan donuts.

Oh, and the dogs wanted to try too... 

After we devoured the food, some desserts remained... 

and then Emily busted out the mac book.

Too bad I forgot to put Hocus Pocus on.  Fail.

And don't you love the morning after kitchen sinks full of dishes, 
even after you ran the dishwasher and unloaded it?
yeah, me too...

Anyway, we've got big plans for today too, work and then Trunk or Treating at Midwives! 
What about you?!

Happy Halloween!

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