Monday, October 3, 2011

Link Love no. 4

Grandma spoiled this little one year old with a new outfit from Target.
Hello Kitty and a Tutu?!  How could I say, "No"?

1. VBAC has a special place in my heart, I was" lucky"* enough to have a vaginal birth with my daughter but when I watched the women around me heal from their first c-section and then their repeats it broke my heart, why should they have to be in so much pain?  Birth pain, labor pain isn't scary, recovering from major abdominal surgery is.  I love this little quote posted by my midwives former assistant, who assisted at my birth.

2. Haven't done yoga in months, but this is too funny!

3. I think I'll stick with real food flavors, thanks though. Gross.

4. Try not to laugh.

5. Would love to display my photography like this at an expo.

6. Fall yummy goodness.

7. Upcycling packing tube so cute!

8. I love these Herb Hand Stamped Spoons!

9. Shouldn't be on Etsy while I'm so hungry.

10. Creative Composting? as a non-traditional gardener I love seeing what others do!

11. Pink washing?!  Know what you're supporting and what they're doing with your money!  This is why I personally, don't support cancer research, prevention is key and spreading that awareness is free!!

*{p.s. I said "lucky" because when explaining my birth to many people; I'm responded to, with, "you're lucky you had such a great birth," and when they say that, I can't think of a worse way to 1. discredit my research prior to my birth, discovering home birth was the best option for a healthy first time mom, 2. discredit my work during my birth, an active birth, 3. discredit my midwife, who had the skills, knowledge and history to recognize something as normal or not, and 4. discredit women, women are meant to birth babies, not all have to and not all want to, but (extreme medical circumstances excluded) our bodies are incredible, powerful and capable birthing vessels. So, if you've ever thought someone was lucky with their birth experiences, don't say so, it's the worst backhanded complement they'll ever receive}

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  1. I hear ya on the "lucky" comments. I hear it all the time and I want to scream. Like you I did everything to prepare myself for a natural birth as did my husband, midwife, doula, etc. Nothing was lucky it was me and The people around me preparing me and my body. Glad it bugs you too cause I thought I was being too sensitive but it really is mean. Ps. Love the pink tutu.