Sunday, December 4, 2011

D.I.Y. Christmas Decorations {a collection of links and projects}

I actually decorated my house  for the Winter holidays the day after Thanksgiving... if I don't do it on schedule, it never seems to get done.  I'll find myself somewhere between procrastination and reasoning {there's only 10 days left til Christmas, why bother with the ornaments now??}.  Anyway here's what our Holiday decor looks like these days...

I don't believe in Chirstmas Trees, I mean, I know they're real, I mean morally.
Cut something down and decorate it inside? uh, no, thanks.  And I know SOME people plant them after the season, but in the desert that would be dumb. goodbye water, hello evergreen.
SO! I hung up the ornaments people keep giving us {without a tree}, outside, on our mesquite tree!

Couldn't find corn syurp free candy canes or peppermint candies anywhere, so I got these little bites from whole foods.
Stalkings are from Norway! a gift from my Husband's Aunt Judy, aren't they beautiful?

No tree means these picture frames are put to good use, hanging the ornaments where photos usually are.

The wreath is several years old, I would never buy anything fake or plastic these days, but I think it would be more wasteful to toss the one I already have out, so I kept it.
And these candle holders were gifts from my mama a few years ago, still trying not to buy anything new...

Speaking of not buying anything new, what do you think of my framed art wall?
I headed to goodwill picked up a few picture frames and sprayed them with some left over spray paint and viola instant art!

All the images in the RED frames were printed from the sites below, for free, without copyright infringement!

keep calm and get your ho ho ho on!
another Ho Ho Ho one.
Holiday cheer printable, but you have to like this blog on facebook to get it.
A collection of several seasonal printables here.

Happy Winter Holiday Decorating!


  1. I could not agree more on the tree situation! Thus is also why I hate it when people bring me flowers.

    Also- it's nearly impossible to find candies without corn syrup! Our 3.5 yr old has a mild corn allergy, and poor kid has to give up every piece of candy people give him. I think I may have to resort to DIY candy.

    Great post & pics!

  2. Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for mentioning and linking up to my printable! Hope you have a great week! :o)